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Monday, December 1, 2008

The organic shop that launched me into the health scene

Almost 7 years ago, when I was still in college I was already working part time in a popular organic retail shop in Kuala Lumpur. Business was so good, I had to spend most of my time packing vegetables that come in crates and not in pretty plastic bags like today you see in most stores, then I had to even weight and price tagged them. I still remember fresh vegetables arrived on Tuesday and Thursday. That was when the shop will be crowded by health aficionadoes choosing the best looking vegetables and other groceries.

Once of the job I dreaded in the shop was juicing, easy you may say, but all organic vegetables and juices cannot be cut beforehand like what you see in shopping malls, customers usually select their choices and we (me usually), would have to scrub, wash and slow juice it all in front of them! And there was this customer who will buy at least 3 kg of carrot once every week, and we have to juice and rejuiced the pulp in front of her. That was certainly a great arm and shoulder exercise! For those who are not in this line, I will attached a picture of the juicer where you will realise that to clean the machine, its no easy feat, imagine doing the same thing after each juicing.

This shop is also the place I picked up coffee enemas. I did my 7 days fasting here and did all my own juicing.

I relish my moments in that shop, even though that shop still exists but its heydays are over with more shop sprouting every where.

Monday, October 27, 2008

International Long Life Health Exhitbition 2008

If you are always on the prowl for new health products or whatever that is related to it, you can check out the upcoming health fair in PWTC from November 21 to 23.

As Longlife is magazine owned by the Nanyang press, be assured of seeing it and hearing about this fair soon. Some of my customers have already submitted thier leaves just to visit the fair. Usually, I wouldn't go and visit it and most of the new products would have previewed by the respective sales person visiting me before the fair. At the same time, I do not like patroning crowded places.

However, since I am involved in this fair, i found most of the people I know would be travelling from other states just to visit it, to exchange the latest in the organic and health industry and to visit old friends.

Some of the booth worth checking out:

1. Yuan soap (new booths, yuan will be there himself,)

2 BMS/ Green Image booth (They are one of the most competitive in the market, and since the milk issue from China, great to look for affordable milk alternatives here)

3. Bonlife (organic milk for options)

4. Okamizu ( if you can go fully organic or meatless, this is a musthave machine for your kitchen)

5.Nguan Seng Sdn Bhd (check out their burdock tea and vegetables tea)

and so forth

There will be also a healthy breakfast cooking session which your children aged 10 to 15 can participate on Sunday, November 23 from 1pm to 3pm. If you are keen , you can get the participation form found in Longlife November issue pg 155. Details are all included within the page.

Hope to see you there. Admission is free and its starts from 10am to 8pm.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Liver and gallstones detox programme

The liver and gallstones detox in currently all rage amongst the health aficionadoes in Malaysia. I have myself has been asked for the recipes so many times and sold 10s of cartons of organic apple juice since.

Friends who finally done after delaying for some times are now feeling and looking better than before.

This is a great detox for those who has gallstones, or constantly feeling tired due to an overwork liver, stomach bloatiness etc. I have done the cheaper alternative traditional alternative using molasses, lemon juice and all, as well as using a premix package that omitted lots of liver oil which I had(eew!)

Ok, below is the recipe for those who are interested:

排肝毒和排膽石的療程 Liver detox & gallstones flush

This is a combination of both liver detox and gallstones flush programmes.

排肝毒 Liver Detox 10 days(10天療程)

溫開水──3/4杯 Warm water 3/4 glass‧
糖蜜(molasses)──1湯匙 tablespoon
檸檬汁 Organic pure lemon juice──2湯匙 tablespoon
紅椒粉(cayenne pepper)──1/4茶匙 teaspoon
橄欖油(olive oil)──1茶匙tablespoon

On the 10th day, mixed the above ingredients and drink it between 5- 7am on an empty stomach.

排膽石 Gallstones flush 6 days(6天療程)

Start drinking 1 liter/1 kg of organic apple juice from the 5th day till the 10th day.

第十天 10th day請注意:
Note‧在下午4點前喝完最後一杯蘋果汁。Drink your last apple juice before 4pm.
‧5pm:晚餐 Dinner
‧6pm:喝一杯溫開水+一茶匙瀉鹽 Drink 1 glass of warm water + 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts
‧8pm:喝一杯溫開水+一茶匙瀉鹽Drink 1 glass of warm water + 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts.
‧10pm:喝半杯(100ml)檸檬汁+半杯(100ml)橄欖油 Drink half glass(100ml) lemon juice+ 100ml olive oil. You may mix with Organic Lemonade juice for better taste.
‧上床睡覺(向著右側)Try to sleep on your right side after your drink.
第十天半夜或第十一天早上 Middle of the night till next morning.
‧排便。Flushing begins.
‧排便時用篩子裝起糞便,然後用水沖掉糞便。若有膽石排出,就可以看見一顆顆的固體留在篩子裡。You may sieve or use chopsticks after flushing each time, and may find green/black stones.

排毒配合健康養生輕食餐 Detox diet programme

It advisable to follow through the programme with proper diet.

Throughout this programme, try to eliminate coffee/alcohol/cigarettes/white bread/confectionary/red meat and fried foods.

起床時魚腥草茶300-500ml Drink 300-500ml houttuynia tea once awake

早餐 breakfast
薏仁綠豆燕麥粥 Rolled oats+ jobs tears+ mung bean porridge
2.兩顆深海魚油 2 cap x Omega 3/兩湯匙亞麻子油 2 tablespoons Flax seed Oil
3.生食蕃茄、黃瓜 eat some raw cucumber and tomantoes

早上10點 10am 魚腥草茶 drink another 300ml houttuynia tea

午餐 lunch

2.香椿豆腐 tofu with vegemix sauce
3.雜錦菜 lightly steamed green vege
4.涼拌三色泡菜/開胃裙帶菜 cabbage pickle/organic sauerkraut juice/ lactovida (probiotic juice)

下午3-4點 魚腥草茶∕水果 Tea time . houttuynia tea 300ml/1 ripe fruit

晚餐 dinner

養生手卷 seaweed vege rolls∕精力湯 mixed vege &fruit juice∕沙拉 salad / Flaxseed meal or fiber unflavoured 1 teaspoon with 150ml water

晚上8點 8pm fruit platter 水果拼盤

睡覺前 ALFAFA tablet 5粒 take with魚腥草茶houttuynia tea

Natural makeup and facial products

Paul Penders are actually made in Langkawi island Malaysia but sold to worldwide!

Great range from New Zealand

For my advertising and marketing research for Yuan soap, I was drawn to a few forums and whimsical sites which holds beauty and fashion commentaries. Eventually I became a member of, and suscribe to the feeds for The latter caught my attention more as the writer "Paris B" writing is effortlessly easy to follow and her reviews are genuinely expressed even with sponsored reviews.
However from reading blogs, and forums I found the topic that most people avoid or leave no comments are those concerning environment and natural products in Malaysia. For those who are interested in natural and organic cosmetics and facial products available in Malaysia, you can check out
1. Paul Penders (great range of makeups and facial products, price wise I think RM50 for a natural lipstick is not that much, don't you think?)

2. Living Nature by Justlife
3. Alive
4. Avalon Organics
5. Reborn Organics

Most of these range can be found i most organic shops though some shops only carry one or two brands only. I myself only carry a bit of the Alive and some Reborn organics range.
Probably, I will review some of the products. Will let you guys know soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chain of order

While the whole world is hyperventilating over China made products, I am actually quite sad with what is happening. The whole consumer markets brought this to themselves. In economics, we were taught, whenever there is demand, there should be a supply, and whenever demands exceed supply, the price soars.
My lecturer in advertising told me there is no such thing that comes with a low price, great quality and eye catching (in chinese we say its cheap, beautiful and nice!), its either 2 of the qualities or a single quality exist.
However with globalisation and with the Chinese market booming calling for luxuries which was once only the West and developing countries could enjoy, this market turned greedy. Each of one segment of the marketing sector pushing the prices lowers for greater profits while at the end chain, the farmers or other raw materials producers are the ones that suffered. So don't blame China alone for this milk crisis. Each of us has a role to play, we demand for quality products yet refused to pay a measurable price for it. In this milk case, the milk prodcuers only know that by mixing melamanine their milk will be accepted. Cows eating poor quality food to not churn out grade A full cream milk.
I am sure there are more products containing various chemicals which are time bombs waiting to unveil itself.
I am sad because I know there are many genuine Organic producers all around the world, Japan, Australia, Taiwan etc have invested in China for their astonishing fertile and unspoiled land. But as customers started to stay away from products made in China, it will dwindle their efforts in creating better quality organic producst for the rest of the world.
Probably we should be the ones who should learn to choose quality food and not only great tasting food. You know luncheon meat and instant noodles are not good for health, but may of us still take it and even prepare it for our children. Go figure!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Organic lifestyle

While you see many organic shops sprouting like mushrooms in Malaysia, many including some customers of mine have this perception that the organic and natural business is highly lucrative. I cannot deny it because the health supplements industry cost about RM300 billion a year (taken while I was working in the PR line under the MADSA Malaysia Dietary Supplement Asociation). But ask people on the street, they either do not what is the heck is organic food (I still get highly educated people asked me what exactly is my shop selling when I told them organic) or they would think organic food is expensive.
Why is our industry still struggling? One of the main reasons are the prices. Not because they are more expensive than conventional food but they are certain shops who dropped prices more than they can earn, throwing all other organic shop effort in educating customers the drain. Many times have I encountered customers walking in or calling us just to check on the prices. I just had a customer walking in exclaiming how expensive we sell our products when I realised she has been buying products by some retailers at half of their profit.
We retailers do not get more than 6o or 50 or even 40% off products. The most we get is 30%. Now that part has to cover our rental, salary (my mum and i never had one since 4 years ago)and other expenses .
Unless the market matures with the help of consumers which ironically comes with education. I do not think organic retailers will be compensated enough to remain long or to provide the best service we can. Of course, I understand consumers want to buy the cheapest best available products, but sadly, it will only kill the industry at the end, with opportunists labelling food organic in order to sell better, which is already rampant nowadays.
Organic life starts with your heart and mind. If you buy according to trends probably you will never know what is organic lifestyle.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just want to express how delicious my lunch was...

Look at the left side, don't let the plain boring cabbage look fool you, its crunchy and sweet. When I ate it with the pumpkin cubes below, imagine putting some nice soft mushy salty pumpkin with crunchy vegetables. Oh my, my mouth go watery again...

Organically grown produce does make a difference!

The thing that make everything go ooh ahh! And the rice today....absolutely lovely!

After a few weeks of stuffing myself with unhealthy food, I feel I have a subconscious mind that ensure that I go healthy for some time then I would gorge myself with ice creams, pies, cakes, lots of coffee etc. Then a mere comment of me gaining weight would put a stop to those routine.

Ok, my aunt's cooking today totally floored me. Her luicha vegetables are fantastic and paired with pumpkin cubes with black beans and then I sprinkled some mixed seaweedvegetables powder (for those who been to camp with me, remember I brought those bottles of powder which turned everything from ooohh to aaahhhh!) the result was heavenly, I was and still am spiritually satisfied, my body must be grateful I gave them something worthwhile to work on.

Not only I have to been good, I have obediently crunching my multivitamins and b complex (low blood count). Not that I feel better, less depressed and am reading up my unfinished Jane Austen's book from eon months.

Finally, taking more effort in brushing up my literary knowlegde..

My temporary pet

Look at the kitten who obviously knew I was snapping her picture. Blackie was a temporary guest at my house before her mummy took her away. She stayed in a makeshift house I created using a water pail and used one of my younger sister dirty socks as comfort blanket.

Thought I could keep her, but then again, mummy cat is more important.

Delicious homemade pizza

It was intended for Vivienne my 3rd sis. Fresh rolled wholemeal bread with generous amount of quality mozzarella cheese, pineapples and mock sausage meat, my aunt handed us a wonderful and mouth watering pizza rivaling any pizza house. (my weight gain contributor!)

Pasar malam traders?

People who knows us were obliged to buy a piece or two from us and we did not hesitate to call them if they were to miss us!!!

Who wears office wear to sell stuff at pasar malam? Looking gaudy as well, serious yogaing and pilates needed!

Poh at our initial stall which was at very busy road, we sold most of our cupcakes here before we were evacuated to a much quieter spot.

240 rice cupcakes arrived unannounced in my shop this morning. Not a big number, but I don't think the delicious yellow and purple sweet potatoes rice cupcakes are that sellable when the 15th day of Chinese calendar is still 2 days away, and when most of my customers do not know that we were selling these.

Lunch were great, we sold almost 90 of them, I sold some to a friend over my webcam, and I was still worried over the rest of them. Shall I feign ignorance and think these are only small losses? I could handle that. But why can't I do something I could have more control of?

I did what I would not do a year or 2 years ago. Sell at a pasar malam. Did it with Poh, my great friend! At the end, even though we were scolded(for using some traders' usual spots), and endured the setting sun heat, both of us enjoyed our little rendezvous.

Looking into the mirror

Today is is one of those days I feel I achieved something out of the box. Some 'great' things I will not hesitate and shared it with my friends.

Being a 'thick face' person, when found facing obstacles and challenges regarding your own business, I finally understand the importance of humbleness in personality and attitude. These qualities are often mentioned and praised but hardly practiced by many. By realizing it, I also found out my arrogance was actually a facade to hide my lack of business acumen and experiences. It could not command respect, probably many would have sympathies me or laughed at my ignorance. But I felt blessed, I was given many chances to redeem myself, to have mentors guiding me along the way, I only have to nod and tag along. By doing that, I am giving myself to learn and grow and for the past two years, it has not been a bed of any flowers, but then again, I am still sowing seeds

Monday, September 8, 2008

The importance of relaxation

Finally, after being miserable for almost 3 weeks, got cracks on two corners of my mouth (sign of body acidity/mineral deficiency), ears blocked, and on advice from my nutritionist, I finally went back to yoga this morning.

Right now, I feel lighter, more relaxed, happier and most importantly gained back my appetite.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Now I am blogging and watching the Beijing Olympic 2008 at the same time, there's one part where hundred of dancers in metallic silver and red gear climbed up to a tower and literally bloomed into flowers!.

Amazing closing ceremony but the part where David Beckham appeared and just did his part kicking a football to a group of Chinese volunteers got me and bf going "huh?", but I like the part where a group of "Londoners" dancing while waiting for the double decker bus.

Definitely a memorable year for Beijing after so much controversy and with its opening subject to scrutiny from fake little girl singing and fireworks to underage athlete.

All the best to London and thank you Beijing for bringing the Olympic Games to Asia.

Oh do check out London almost detachable stadium for 2012, apparently they are trying to make it as eco friendly as possible.

trend vs living it

I have got lots of respects for young entrepreneurs who make it big in the big bad business world. Like many people would said, I wish I have done it or thought of it first, some ideas just stared at you at your face waiting to be explored or discovered.

I was browsing through, I came across Factory Green, a new online eco-store, run by pre-med college students Jack Short and Daniel Lyons at the University of Missouri in their “free time.” Both of them stumbled upon this idea while studying in Europe where most people were living the solutions rather than talking about the problems. They started by employing fellow students and now a hit in countries such as Germany (of course!) Sweden and others.

I wonder if we do it in Malaysia, people would catch up they way they do in western countries? One of my customers remark still ringing in my ears, exclaiming to me not to expect her to bring eco bags as we Malaysian are not that civic minded enough. All this happened in front of her young son.

Some bragged how many bags they accumulated in Australia or in other countries and yet failing to use the bags in Malaysia.

Clearly the environment sets the pace.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i think i want butter because my body is low on EFAs

People buy organic butter for the same reason they drink organic milk.

Nowadays I stop slathering my bread with butter for the reason I could not find the right reason or taste to do it. You think by being in the organic line its easy for you to find one. So far, I have never had the chance to do so. The organic butter was order 18 months, and I never saw the it.

I am sure with price of organic butter you would not probably use it for cooking, it actually healthier than normal vegetable oil thus you know all the renowned chefs are doing it correctly when they use only butter and sea salt.

If you are not convince its healthy for us to 'butter up", try this recipe,

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Some dried italian herbs

Some seasalt

Use more coconut oil than olive oil for your container and they will freeze beautifully.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Durian season

Durian season kinda ending nowadays. Mom has been going ga ga over durian for the past one month, travelling through and fro to Batang Kali, to pick up durians from my grandfather or granduncles' orhards.

Her little escapade each time filled the shop with durians and the never ending smells actually frowned by some customers.

One particular gwei lo was complaning (he was complaining in a nice way) and when I took out my airfilter he was like "Put it on full blast!" pointing to the portable machine.

Another memorable one was this Singaporean guy who came with his wife and daughter practically interrogated my sister Vivenne to have all wild /natural durians, " I 'll take as much as you can bring me!", with my mum nodding and agreeing over the phone. The next wee morning, mum was out and back by noon came back with sackful of durians with my 4th gand uncle. Our guests had their lunch there and then and pack the rest in one big box. Mind you...he came on a taxi.

Of course with wild durians, you can never guess what will greet your taste bud, some bitter, some sweet and some "dunno what taste but nice" by some customers.

One general comment was after consuming these durians, you would not feel heaty and after one month I don't see my mum, my aunt and whoever was consuming these durian this whole month lost their voice.

Can't wait for next year, probably will gather all my durian lovers friend to the orchard and just have it there. One was gushing that she can't wait to go after one bite~!

Yes Jiaying, we will go there, have our durians bath in cool bukit water or hot spring in ulu tamu and might as well get some Ulu Yam loh mee (they do have vegetarian version)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Buckwheat Rice

Another healthy option: buckwheat, barley and rice

I have customers and friends gushing how effective this recipe is in combating sugar level, cholesterol levels and uric acids by just using Mongolian buckwheat. My friend actually taught me this recipe but I was this recipe as well in one particular book. According to this book, this is also great for combating aging.

Mongolian Buckwheat Tea Rice 苦荞茶饭(抗老化的最佳伙伴)

Ingredient (for 4 person) 材料(4 人份)

white rice/白米。。。。量迷杯cup 360oz

mongolian buckwheat/苦荞麦。。。。。。。。2大匙tablespoons

(Add after washing the white rice)

water/水。。。。。。。。。。430 oz

Prepare rice as usual, adding buckwheat before there you start cooking.

I always subsitute the white rice with brown rice, some even see their sugar level drop/cholesterol level drop by eating brown rice with buckwheat and drinking the buckwheat as tea.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yishensu Restaurant

Nice interior

Xiang Choon Rice

Claypot Mushroom Rice

Salted "fish" with mung bean and pea sprouts

Signature dish- Emperor Tofu

On my Birthday, my best girl pal treated me to a nice vegetarian restaurant in One Utama. We were greeted by its clean and warm interior as we entered, as it was passed lunch time (after 3pm), we were the only guests. Staffs were warm and polite and mentally I was making notes to bring bf to the restaurant one day.
We went after a streneous rock climbing workshop thus we ended order 1 fried rice, 1 claypot rice, 1 tofu dish and 1 vegetables. Each dish was fine except for the claypot rice which I felt was too bland, lacking in sesame oil, and dark soy sauce.
They will be opening soon in Old Klang Road 3rd mile square where currently a popular Old Town cafe is operating. However, being situated at a premium shopping mall in town cost us more than RM 60 for our little lunch.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

i dream of yong tao foo

Yong tao foos made by the Culinary team from Holistic Health care group for their health camp recently. Instead of the usual flour, they mashed up assorted vegetables with oats and stuffed it into organic brinjals, sliced organic bittergourds, tofupoks and organic white tofu.

The camp ran from 4th to 6th June and I still can taste some of the food in my mouth. Unless I start to learn to make them, I can only dream about the food taunting me with their delicious images.

Oh, I was asked to help facilitate the kitchen for the year end camp = unlimited access to organic, vegetarian and health food= great group of hardworking and fun people)

Local premium yoghurt

Just got this from Ms Lean of Lean Food Enterprise. As some of you probably know I am a yogurt lover, so when Ms Lean came with 3 varieties of fruit yogurts excluding 1 natural flavour.
I am half sold with the atrractive packaging and with the fact the yogurts came with fruits paste topping.
Mum and I felt in love with the blueberry flavour and with its reasonably priced at RM6.50, it might just be a favourite among the health conscious crowd.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

time stands still

When I stop and ponder.....

everything would be alright. i love you, because everything happens so fast, because the world spins without care, i want to tell you i love you because the time would not stop for me.


My new baby - Yuan soap!
Finally its here!

Organic and natural food bentos.

We have been receiving orders to cater for weddings, organic farm trip, and health food company training.
Even though we might be in our infancy to do large events but we have done up to 500 bentos at one time.
Maybe you can consider us yeah...

spending times

I know. The first that you might want to reach and make cut in your wallet in your maybe your usual indulgences. And in most of the people cases, organic food is considered a luxury to have nowadays. Business in the short has been slower than usual, I do not say business was robust in the shop but we were reaching a point where we can enjoy more flexibiltity in the bank. The rise of of global crude oil made a dent in almost every economy in the world and in every businesses I know of.

The first rule I learn from my secondary economy teacher Pn Mahani, is to spend during when the economy is low and save during when the economy is bullish. To be honest, I have tried to engage the act of spending, but being the eldest of six siblings, I do not think I have extra to spend. My only acquisitions nowadays are insurance as I finally realised my existence spells more importance after I took over the organic shop.

But being in the industry, I must say good health is vital to ensure I have more of myself to earn more. Like my mum always says, don't wait till your "money making machine" breaks down. Keep it well lubricated with good supplements and quality food so taht we can go further.

Weight your finance according to importance. We been through 97' and 98' and I'm sure we can wade this through too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Digi D'house

I was quite impressed with the effort some company do when it comes to the environment. Not just the tree planting ceremony, that is more a symbolic gesture which actually requires the company or that someone to commit into an eco friendly lifestyle.

For the past 2 weeks, while I was in a Digi setting up booth promoting climate change awareness, I was actually quite shocked at how much they know. But its is a bold step for a company to organise all sort of activities to encourage the staff to go eco.

I managed to find out that currently, they are encouraging their staff to car pool and for that they get to park their car nearer to the office in a covered car park complex. While the rest will only receive carpark that requires them to walk further and submit their car under the hot hot sun.

I drove there, and it wasn't nice carriyng stuff and walking under the hot merciless heat.

Other plans include waste management, replacing all their lightbulbs and air conditioning units to conserve more energy and create less impact to Mother Nature. Their building itself is designed in such way to utilise lights thus eliminating the need for more energy.

From what I also read from another weblog, Environman was also invited to the office a year ago, commented that the office is virtually paperless where employees do not have a fixed desk but allowed to work from anywhere and everywhere in the building. Papers are printed from a main printer.

I went to the bakery, no styrofoams of what sort are used, coffee are ala starbucks,no plastics were used but brown bags only, however sandwiches are still held by plastic.

I have to applaud the management for taking extra miles as I know by virtue of hiring an event company to organise so much activities to for the staff do not come cheap (its 3 weeks!), free lunches to entice their staff to watch documentaries such as The Inconvenient Truth and the 11th hour is not easy (some left after having their lunch), free car signages and various activities to get them into the act.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I have a group of friends who are non vegetarians but are happy enough to go vegetarian with me whenever I am around. Same thing goes even in a non vegetarian restaurant.
So I always have the ultimate task of choosing which restaurant to go. Tomorrow we are planning for a steamboat get together and after a round of deciding who bringing anything, the task seems to place itself contently on my lap. Its going to be organic as well especially I will be rackeying items from my shop.
So I have come out with a list that I might bring:-
1. Seaweed (wakame & the soup chinese type)
2. yee mee (non organic)
3. Brown rice meehoon
4. eggs (non organic)
5. assorted leafy vege
6. pumpkin cubes
7. mushroom (shiitakei, enoki, abalone)
8.tofu (frozen, taukua)
9.asam paste
10.konnyaku jellies (vege sotong)
11. dumplings- yummy!
12. Carrots
13. sweet potatoes slices (yellow & purple)
14. Some healthier choices of mock meat.
15. bottle of wine
I guess the plate will look quite colourful from my list.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

climate awareness- no its not just about the weather

(Yeah yeah, bad angle.., my booth)

(Skeptic guy checking farm produce up close)

Some multinational company goes all the way to promote climate awareness, including hiring an event manager to come up with activities connected to the issue inviting some organic shops and farms to set up their booths. Today is my second day at the corporation and so far reception to our booths have been so so so far. We started out with only 3 booths and today only two made it, me and one of my fresh veg supplier came.

To be honest, I kinda like have high expectation from this well renowned corporation, I see people wearing t shirts shouting climate change with some sort of environmental message and at the same time while I was driving in I see people wearing these "green" t shirt and buying food packed in Styrofoam and plastic bags (hmmm....).

The girl from the fresh vege farm thought I overreacted... yeah yeah I think I am more a tree hugger day by day now.....but then I reminded myself that, that's why we are all invited to this activity of educating these "well educated " people.

Anyway, after reminding myself of the "noble" intention I am still appalled by these people ignorance on what is the heck is climate awareness.

I was about to categorize the event manager with the people from the BIG corporation, until I spoke to the MD who told me that she uncovered so much information while researching on this subject. Well, at least it has managed to instill some changes in certain people. Hey, this are the stuffs that will encourage me to go further!

Sigh, however... the road to educate the public at large is still long.

A little efforts goes a long way, and the long journey must start with the first step. Wish me luck tomorrow....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bubbles for thought

Safe and eco friendly cleaning products that I use everyday....downside is they do not carry the entire range like they have in US.

"Every litre of non- ecological washing detergent that goes down the drain takes 20,000 litres of water to treat"
quoted from 101 WAYS TO GO GREEN by Natural Health Mag, UK

Beneficial colours

Mum got inspired when she took over the kitchen from aunt today. Like me she will get excited over a colourful healthy plate of rice. Accompanying the set is her new dessert/soup of multi grain rice with seaweed.


Another proof that with proper nutrition, a vegetarian child can grow up healthier and as normal as any other children.

Da da is a cute and a little curious child that entertained us during the entire Penang health camp earlier this month. He has endless stamina, he is a quick thicker and reacts faster than anyone including adults in many situtations and inspired many other parents to adopt vegetarian diet for their children.


Nice change from the usual funghi pizza I would order ... it has generous amount of mozzarella too.

The buns reminded Alan and I on the recent introduce Starbuck's breakfast sandwiches.

We liked this dish...

Too oily.....used up our napkins for these

Really, I was supposed to work my ass off a basketball court. Sometime not long ago, I used to hit a basketball court in SS2 with my great pals Alan and Mei Yoong, now it became a rarity as we are caught up with our own busy worlds.

Like I said, we were scheduled to meet up for a game but the rain got better of us. All I managed to do was, walking around the park twice, stood on the balancing poles, stared at a husky, amused by a group of casual dressed scouts practicing their march and pretend I was already sweating.

So Alan and Mei Yoong arrived when the rain emptied the whole park. And we were on our way to try a new vegetarian restaurant in Jaya 33.

We were excited and a friend gave it a thumb ups and a local news paper just covered it a few months ago. Indinine is a fusion vegetarian restaurant that managed to get me excited thus recommended to some of my friends even before I been to that cafe. With me who got bored with conventional Chinese vegetarian find this idea very refreshing.

Perhaps we ordered the wrong food except for the pasta alfredo. Beside the constant oil odour permeating the air, the dishes all spelt too much oil. We ordered Indinine's platter which supposed to have a bit of everything and everything we found were fried. My portobello burger was okay, even the wedges tasted nice, we like the pizza which had brinjal and basils. Yet there was this feeling on oiliness, I had to squeeze lots of oil out before I could eat some of the food.

To give credits, the food is much better than lots of restaurant but we had better, and we are terrified of high temperature treated oil and recycled oil. I would come back but probably for the pasta and preferably as take away.

Flop: Rojak

Not exactly a flop but its nothing surprising. Armed with the latest recipe from my recent health camp. I attempt to recreate some of the dishes. One of them is the rojak. To prove how much I want to do this dish right, I even slowly toasted the white sesames and cashew nuts on the wok. Its not like a toasted oven where u can just easily slip in the tray containing the intended toasted material rather its a strenuous work where u have to stand on the heated warm work and stir it non stop. Any mistakes or arm tiredness might result in your hard work going down to drain.

To me its like my early journey towards being a competent cook.

One of my strength as well as my weakness that I like being spontaneous which result in forgetting my pumpkin seeds with my white sesame and cashew nuts, no nice semi ripe papaya cubes, no masam green mangoes and no juicy turnips. All I had was green and red apples, Japanese cucumbers, pineapples and more Japanese cucumbers. Oh and my kasturi limes did not work as well as it should or its masam power was not enough, resulting in me throwing in some apple cider and worst; plum sauce.

No one complained about the rojak. One friend evn said it was nice when half of what she ate was the white sesame and the toasted cashew nuts.

Oh well, the competent cook to be still has a long journey to go.

Monday, June 16, 2008

my dairy romance

Earlier, bought a jar of rare threat. An organic yogurt tub that set me back rm20 from Cold storage. But it was so smooth, and yummy that it tasted like pure cream melting in my mouth.....
(worth every cents...)

Monday, June 9, 2008

What I read for amusements these days...

Remember after the recent general election many newpapers feature our new breed of local assemblyman/ADUN etc: telling us about them with their biodata and even asking about their contributions to the environment. I tell you, while I applaud them for being honest I was hoping they could say something profound than they don't throw rubbish everywhere or even switching off lights and water when not in used. Even one of a prominent minister wife pledging to only switch off the lights and turn off water when not in used. I mean yes, these simple gestures are often neglected by many people but we have been promoting this since I was like 10? Can we implement or promote something for drastic?

I have high hopes for people who holds and command positions since they have the power to influence. No one except one when I read mentioned they used a bag when they go shopping or recycles and that its because he leaves it to his wife. I know some might be doing it, probably failing to mention it but I just get mad when they fail to use the media to the environment advantage. If the leaders aren't doing it? How are they expect us the rakyat to follow?

Hybrid cars/fuel hike

Americans chose to buy hybrid cars for several reasons, 1. reduce foreign oil dependency, 2. technology sake (for the techno buffs), 3. Of course for the environment.

Toyota sells about 1 million hybrid cars a year and Honda is not far behind with several hundred thousand of it.

While I'm also one of the unhappy driver about the recent fuel hike: I could not applaud that this might also be the time where we learn how to be more green. I receive countless email and messages from friends with tips on how to save fuel usage. For example, some might say buy things in bulk and plan your trips before you go out. To me its a big plus to mother nature as we should already be doing it. The fuel hike just encouraged more people to do so to save money as well with the recent announcement of increase of electricity charges . So more people will turn off fans/air con/tv etc when not in used. The government has already pledged to improve the public transportation system (i know, they have mentioned it many times and yet it still pathetic) and this time the people will ensure that the Government sticks to its promises.

Being green in many other ways will also save money. Usually when we complain its when the issue hits us in the face. Many do not realize there are many issues connecting to the environment that will affect us someway in the future. I am still waiting for the ruling to charge for plastic bags, China has already started, Australian are doing it, Taiwanese will look at you in disbelief if you ask for one and charge you for it and even realistic Hongkies are going it.

I used to dream about buying certain cars. Now I want a hybrid: never mind if I would be joining the many first in Malaysia; never mind if skeptics say I might be experiencing problems, never mind if Honda Civic has the only the hybrid in town (think so heehee), I think its worth it even if it starts from only ME.

Monday, June 2, 2008

of bags again....

Getting increasingly bothered with passing out plastic bags to customers. Apparently asking them to bring their own bags seems to fall on deaf ears. Hate giving out plastic containers as well, ran out of eco friendly food containers. Have to remind myself to call my supplier tomorrow.

I know many still need time or more reminders to get into the act...I myself embarrassingly also forgot a few times to bring my eco friendly bag and my personal chopsticks. I will get extremely grumpy for being so forgetful thus my faithful large tote will get bulky each time I go out with books, small items from the pharmacy, water container etc. Now I am planning to add a food container on the go after seeing one customer conveniently using hers. Its looks like disc but you can actually flexed it in and out to save space. Cool.

I am also having a hard time looking for someone to make eco friendly bags for me and the shop too. Hoping I write attractive messages on these bags to make it more fashion friendly thus encouraging people to use it.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

for ONCE

A movie that was said inspired Steven Spielberg for an entire year?

While we are constantly bombarded with fluffy romance greatly played up by movies, books and to certain extent advertising. We may say we are victim or we can say we are emotional lots.

Being out with bf watching the usual blockbusters like Indy Jones, Ironman (which was great by the way), I need to satisfy my basic urge to have a real decent movie that will actually make me believe in it, touch my 5 senses and make me feel that amidst all my chaos, a movie can actually make me feel alive.

Well, well, I was greeted by my expectation with this movie. Spoilt by two Asian love movies ,I was waiting for another love movie that requires no sex, hardly any kisses or even hugging. ONCE a small budget Irish movie is something I found that connect tear jerking movies such as my favourites "The Love Letter" (Jap) &
"The Road Home "(A zhang Ziyi debut movie).

Go find and watch it and let it taunt you with inexperience leads that ended up together after the filming. Moreover, the musics make it a worthwhile trip to the cinema as the two leads write them and won an Oscar for the main song "Falling Slowly".

Winner of the World Audience Award at Sundance, Once starts out as a small-scale romance, like Before Sunrise, before arriving somewhere unexpected. An Irish busker (Glen Hansard, the Frames and The Commitments) meets a Czech flower seller (Markéta Irglová) while singing on the streets of Dublin. (In the credits, they're listed as Guy and Girl.) She likes what she hears and lets him know. Turns out she's a musician, too. They work on a few songs together and a friendship is forged. She lives with her widowed mother, who doesn't speak English. He lives with his widowed father, who owns a repair shop. Since he broke up with his girlfriend, the guy has been drifting, unable and unwilling to get his life in order. The girl encourages him to pursue a record deal, and the guy emerges from his funk. Then he makes a move on the girl, who rejects his advances. He's confused, but as he comes to find, there's a reason she’s keeping her distance. Though Once is filled with appealing folk-pop by Hansard and Irglová (released on CD as The Swell Season), the movie isn't a traditional musical, but rather a more optimistic Brief Encounter. Filmmaker John Carney, Hansard's former bandmate, captures the real city--in all its affluence and poverty--rather than the picture postcard version. His beautifully shot film serves as a heartfelt ballad about all the underclass Guys and Girls swept aside amidst Ireland's economic miracle. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

soap for the soul

When a friend told me, while pointing to blocks of natural soaps, that we will pick the soap (smell of course) that is the most soothing for us at that particular moment. It should be the one that will soothe you most . What can you expect more than a soap that claims that it will also clean your consciences.

Its sounds absurd; soap?! But its different with soaps which was made everyday, using hands (in organic & LOHAS we believe in energy)that channels good vibrations, tree barks and wild herbs extracts that bring us closer to nature amidst our rat race.

I did not choose the Sishen Chinese herbs immediately. But felt in love with it after using it several time, mostly spent time smelling it. I felt I was in a forest where wild herbs grow in abundance.

My friend rely on the cypress soap. As he is native to the place that grows cypress trees in abundance- Taiwan, he had seen the greatness of the tree which would take 10 to 15 people to circle the tree. Insects leave this tree undisturbed due to its antiseptic properties thus cypress tree can live as long as 4000 years. Whenever he bathes, he felt as his worries are shared and supported by the great tree.

These soaps are made without prejudices and are left for its own colours to form, assimilate other ingredients to form its own character. Many have claims the soap its a living soap where the herbs still continue to work its purpose on us.

I think I overdid myself when I ended up with 3 bars of different soaps in bathroom. Sometimes even rinsing twice to try different soaps.....hahaha...

While many may regards that Yuan soap is just another soap that cleans. To some its may be a tool to remind us to reflect ourselves once in a while.

my favourite soap at the moment "sishen"...could not stop smelling....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A lilttle colour in my life

Sometimes, simple things in life are all you need to cheer up your day!

I always have a knack of buying myself flowers or to give flowers to my girl friends. Unlike my guys friends who always consider fresh flowers are a waste of money for they will wilt within a week, I always feel the "moment" when someone receive the flowers is priceless.

If guys know these "moments" are so easily conjured, it will save them less confusion when facing the female many roller coaster emotions.

My wednesday's Daisy

Yummy 'chicken' (beancurd rice)

Menu for the day

So happy when I made this and see all the rainbow colours. Couldn't resist to snap some pics.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mia Palencia

Was in Borders today and was caught by surprise when an artiste performed live in the store. Mia Palencia's smooth and smoky voice perforated my senses when she started singing in clear acoustic manner. Made my browsing lovelier and I did not want to leave the area!

I was not the only one who enjoy the silky voice, others stopped and listen to the performance. I wanted a copy of her album after her 3rd song!. As there was a lucky draw if you fill up your details, I decided to drop one and left for MPH in search for another book.

After 15minutes as I made my way back to Borders, I was VISUALIZING that I won the CD. Guess what, my name was called as I just strolled in. Check out Mia's voice on this website, sounds delicious;

Caught her talking to Pak Samad our sasterawan negara when it was my turn for a picture. Didn't blame her, who wouldn't be in awe talking to him?!

'Up all night' by Carmen Reid.

While I do read some serious literary books, I could not help but check out some "chick lits" where they always have funny but believable protagonists in situations that you can always relate to.

I read a few books by Carmen Reid, but her latest book "Up all night" had a green reporter as the lead, trying to break a cough vaccination story. While the book can be entertaining, the issue of green subjects mentioned can clearly stimulate thoughts amongst us especially when her ex husband who is a medical doctor shouted to her over the phone citing her claims on vaccinations as some printout from the internet.

I understand the doctor/ex husband frustrations, but I could not help but agree that what Jo the protagonist is looking at might be out there.

ps: I also like it that Carmen Reid made green issue sounds as serious as any daily news. Since it is serious. Oh, she also had a male character in her previous book who turned to organic strawberry farming.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rent a bag?!

As I was complaining to my Violet the other day about the lack of awareness on the usage of recycled bags, she suggested that I should to rent the bags out instead.

A particular organic shop has been practicing this concept and apparently it worked rather well (also the fact they have not been giving out any plastic bags as well....I seriously like this radical move)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sites to look out for

Think I am going to advocate going eco friendly on baby products since friends my age are either getting married or planning to have children.

These are some siets I found that sell these items:


Sunday, May 11, 2008

My beginner yoga class

Started yoga classes last week, and now just returned from one. Being never properly taught on the fundamental basics, today my whole body was strained and tortured. Kinda like the way, they strained "kain" after washing it.

But it was good, feeling muscle you never had before, and the best thing is there was only 3 students including me in class today.

Worst things are:

1. Getting up earlier than usual (discipline)
2. My arms are numb now as I am typing
3. Just realised how ugly my toes look having bending most of the time (pedicure urgently needed! or pumice stone anyone?!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The balance

Trying to find the right equilibrium is not easy as cliche as it is. Sometimes the right answer is starring right back to you and you realize the unbalances are always from within.

From time to time, I always search for the answers to the little holes in myself. I have done it all, from colour therapy, bach flowers remedy, classes on family etc. Each therapy or classes I take unearthed more about myself or I prefer to put as peeling off each layer that I have to put on to face the world or to hide my feelings.

Each time the feeling is liberating. Each time you will find out, the answer is always love and acceptance. Love and accept you, yourself, your inner child and your body. Then you will realize how easy to love the world and take everything with a pinch of salt.

Monday, May 5, 2008


The controversy about the cost of healthy and organic foods is on-going. To all people who say they can't afford to eat a healthy organic diet, Patrick Holford who founded Institute of Optimum Nutrition has this response: "We are spending a fraction of the percentage of our income that we used to spend on food back in the 1930s and 40s. We've just got our priorities wrong. On the whole good food is cheaper things like lentils, beans and grains are not expensive foods. I totally 100% support organic because it's simply the food we're evolved to eat and I think there should be no compromise on that at all.

"One of the big issues is that food is grown for profit not for nutrition and so farmers are motivated to grow the biggest carrots in the smallest amounts of time, rather than the healthiest carrots. But if you artificially force the growth of the carrot, what you end up with is a carrot full of a lot of more water, so there's actually less 'carrot' in your 'carrot' for your money. Generally speaking, non organic produce is about 25% less dry weight, So if the price is differential 25%, you're actually still getting the same amount of carrot and then of course the nutrient content is higher," derived from OrganicLife(UK), January 2008 issue.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Was in KLPAC today to catch the 11th hour a movie/documentary produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The movie speaks about global warming and the amount of ignorance human race has despite the enormous findings and evidences scientists uncovered.

I mean it does not take a genius (if the person is in Planet Earth) to figure out that weather changes are the most obvious signs lately.

However, in spite of all the grim outlook the film projected, instead of many privileged few that actually championed this cause, now millions and hundred thousands of people have joined this 11th hour mission.

Its no longer weird to bring along plastic bags or unbleached bags to pack your groceries however some still stare if you choose to unfold your pair of chopstick or bring your own containers when you eat outside.

In the shop, I try to be polite or discreet in my message whenever my customers pay and show no evidence of bringing their own shopping bags. I simply asked them whether they have brought their own. Now I want to bring in a range of unbleached cotton shopping bags to ensure that my customers have the option of purchasing one when they need it.

While many think that the option to go vegetarian, to go organic, to go eco friendly....we might be outcast or labeled as weird or too staunch with this idea. No one is comfortable in "change" thus its normal for your friends and acquaintances to feel uncomfortable at least in Malaysia still.

However, this is a grave issue and we are living on borrowed time, and sometimes ignorance isn't bliss especially if it happens at your backyard.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The lui cha paste

The plum paste

Organic veggies: fumak and nai pak

With kitchen closed, I have to think creatively to prepare my own lunch.
Even though I enjoy the usual fare I would usually have when I cook, I hate being repetitive, so I chopped some veggies, took up my ever ready lui cha paste, and throw in some noodles adding a bit of plum sauce like mum.

Results: Not as heavy as the usual lui cha with rice but a nice light fare for a change. However, nothing beats the usual woth the rice and everything with it!