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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

time stands still

When I stop and ponder.....

everything would be alright. i love you, because everything happens so fast, because the world spins without care, i want to tell you i love you because the time would not stop for me.


My new baby - Yuan soap!
Finally its here!

Organic and natural food bentos.

We have been receiving orders to cater for weddings, organic farm trip, and health food company training.
Even though we might be in our infancy to do large events but we have done up to 500 bentos at one time.
Maybe you can consider us yeah...

spending times

I know. The first that you might want to reach and make cut in your wallet in your maybe your usual indulgences. And in most of the people cases, organic food is considered a luxury to have nowadays. Business in the short has been slower than usual, I do not say business was robust in the shop but we were reaching a point where we can enjoy more flexibiltity in the bank. The rise of of global crude oil made a dent in almost every economy in the world and in every businesses I know of.

The first rule I learn from my secondary economy teacher Pn Mahani, is to spend during when the economy is low and save during when the economy is bullish. To be honest, I have tried to engage the act of spending, but being the eldest of six siblings, I do not think I have extra to spend. My only acquisitions nowadays are insurance as I finally realised my existence spells more importance after I took over the organic shop.

But being in the industry, I must say good health is vital to ensure I have more of myself to earn more. Like my mum always says, don't wait till your "money making machine" breaks down. Keep it well lubricated with good supplements and quality food so taht we can go further.

Weight your finance according to importance. We been through 97' and 98' and I'm sure we can wade this through too.