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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mia Palencia

Was in Borders today and was caught by surprise when an artiste performed live in the store. Mia Palencia's smooth and smoky voice perforated my senses when she started singing in clear acoustic manner. Made my browsing lovelier and I did not want to leave the area!

I was not the only one who enjoy the silky voice, others stopped and listen to the performance. I wanted a copy of her album after her 3rd song!. As there was a lucky draw if you fill up your details, I decided to drop one and left for MPH in search for another book.

After 15minutes as I made my way back to Borders, I was VISUALIZING that I won the CD. Guess what, my name was called as I just strolled in. Check out Mia's voice on this website, sounds delicious;

Caught her talking to Pak Samad our sasterawan negara when it was my turn for a picture. Didn't blame her, who wouldn't be in awe talking to him?!

'Up all night' by Carmen Reid.

While I do read some serious literary books, I could not help but check out some "chick lits" where they always have funny but believable protagonists in situations that you can always relate to.

I read a few books by Carmen Reid, but her latest book "Up all night" had a green reporter as the lead, trying to break a cough vaccination story. While the book can be entertaining, the issue of green subjects mentioned can clearly stimulate thoughts amongst us especially when her ex husband who is a medical doctor shouted to her over the phone citing her claims on vaccinations as some printout from the internet.

I understand the doctor/ex husband frustrations, but I could not help but agree that what Jo the protagonist is looking at might be out there.

ps: I also like it that Carmen Reid made green issue sounds as serious as any daily news. Since it is serious. Oh, she also had a male character in her previous book who turned to organic strawberry farming.....