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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The lui cha paste

The plum paste

Organic veggies: fumak and nai pak

With kitchen closed, I have to think creatively to prepare my own lunch.
Even though I enjoy the usual fare I would usually have when I cook, I hate being repetitive, so I chopped some veggies, took up my ever ready lui cha paste, and throw in some noodles adding a bit of plum sauce like mum.

Results: Not as heavy as the usual lui cha with rice but a nice light fare for a change. However, nothing beats the usual woth the rice and everything with it!

Apple enzymes


My current pride and joy. Had some 20 to 30 bruised organic red fuji apples.

The first solution on my mind, baking some nice warm apple pies. However this solutions lead to more problems such as whose oven should I borrow? Or how to bake apple pies anyway?

Easiest solution, cut and throw into a jar, mixed some sugar/oligo and voila in 3 months I will have a jar of nutritious and tasty apple enzymes.

(05/05/08) As you can see more water now. I rolled the whole jar around to "bath" the apples with the juices ensuring sugars coated around the jars get dissolved in the juices. Oh and I threw in some grapes too.

Today, after seeing more juices secreted from my precious apples, I threw in some organic red seedless grapes....and calculated the date my enzymes due. It will be ready right before my birthday....heehee.

Zhen Ni, my sis even planted a world peace message on it. It would taste fantastic with all the great wishes and healthy energy.Hahahaah.

Rise of prices

While everyone has been mulling about the rise of prices of EVERYTHING lately from rice, oil, to flour, I came across this article on yahoo that probably an act of public relations from the US government to ensure its citizens that they should be grateful that they are not paying the highest price for their gas, Bosnians are the ones who have to endure the burden. Check out the link for the complete list, no worries, we Malaysians are not even on the top 10 list.

Breakfast: Starbucks

I am a faithful Starbucks caffeine addict so when they came up with the breakfast ciabatta sandwich,I simply had to try. Since they have 2 varieties for vegetarians (but with cheese) suit me perfectly. Chose the one with mushroom.

Verdict: Could not bear to finish it. Packed it away though....later finished it when driving...taste better.