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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Tree with Yuan soap slices.

My happy happy guy's sister made us some nice Christmas dinner, thought it was a close family affair with only a few people, she took so much effort in cooking a great large dinner and I am sure she must have taken several trips to different supermarket and places just to get everything done. I really appreciate it when she incorporates food I can eat, and very nice and creative dishes too. As usual I will post vegetarian pictures here:

Potatoes in Trio Colours. I didn't know that there are purple potatoes but this dish is definitely my favourite as I love potato salads. Apparently, this recipe is also simple, just some salt, pepper and hard cream on the boiled potatoes. The rosemary twigs were decor, I guess it could be sprinkle on the potatoes for extra taste.

Saute Mushrooms.Lovely to go with some bread

Fresh salad with toasted cashew nuts and avocados. Alway like rocket salads that provide the tangy spice to ordinary salad. This simple salad also tasted great with avacados, and the balsamic and olive oil dressings.

Pesto Penettee.My happy guy's sis made the pesto from scratch, yummy with the saute mushroom. I had fun poking my forks over the pennes. heehee

Mushroom again, but of different species. In chinese you call it "chicken mushroom", my mum would braised these during Chinese New Year as a replacement for abalone for our loh sang. We also use this for our vegetarian bak kut teh.

Another great thought from Happy Guy's sis, light dessert instead of the usual cake. The light custard with mint leaves simply accentuate the berries' taste. The strawberries are not sour either. Definitely glad its a pastry puff, if this is Pavlova probably I would be struggling to finish this. But I ate two slices of this.

Sangria.What is a party without some alcohol? We also had some Bailey's like drinks which my Happy Guy happily pretend its milo ais ping.

Another reason I alway happy to join Happy Guy's sis and bro in law for dinner at their place is the great coffee they make. A nice latte is always a great end to a dinner.

ps: pictures are courtesy of Happy Guy's sister which I nicked from her facebook!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have been naughty.

I am been eating at non-vegetarian outlets.Of course no meat for me as usual but I realized my choice of restaurants actually encourage my guy eating more meats. Not a very good vegetarian by example right?

We have been visiting this shabu shabu buffet place in Bandar Puteri Puchong, not revealing the name unless you know the place yourself.

I get to choose the vegetables/mushrooms/century eggs (sinful, sinful, sinful, I will clog my arteries with these)/konnyaku slices/soft tofu and lots of vegetables rather than eating whatever they have in a set. After my 3rd visit to the buffet with my own vegetarian tomyam paste, they have decided to come out with an option of vegetarian soup and dipping sauce. To feed my ego, I would assume it is done because I kept coming back with my tomyam paste to make a statement (or gluttony).

Anyway, my happy guy brought his vegetarian barbecue sauce (sachar) from this famed brand "Niutou pai" Bull Head brand. When mixed with the dipping sauce provided, I swear we were eating the sauce with the food and not the way around.

(The vegetarian version comes with green lid)

My 2nd place which I would not also reveal the place as well its a little udon shop I found nearby my house. It serves very limited menu of udon noodles with some side dishes. But the dishes are simple and authentic with reasonable price tags. I also like the homemade mochi, which simply melts in my mouth because its fresh. Simply a no frill option for lunch/dinner.

My 3rd, its a banana leaf joint which my BFF and I stumbled into it as I was lemming for some rice with dhal.I also brought my happy happy guy there, he ordered some rendang chicken and he was hooked. He even ate the dried chili which usually he would declined when offered. Anyway, we went today again, and in honour of the Winter's solstice festival I forbade to order any meat. LOL. To my defense, we went to a vegetarian and it was not open then before adjourning to the nearest eatery I know he would eat.

I could go on, but someone would probably throw something on me with me ranting on non-vegetarian joints.

Happy Winter's Solstice!

Avatar-Movie review

After almost a year of hiatus from GSC Premiere Screen at The Gardens, Mid Valley. This film actually brought us back to this cinema especially after I read some friends' reviews giving this movie at least 4 stars out of 5 stars for the movie. The other reason for going back to Premier class is having at least 50"% rebate from GSC EON Bank card. Our almost RM50 damage is brought to half.

We bought the 3D tickets and went in with high expectation.

Half way through the movie, I was bored.Fine, the graphic is fantastic especially if you looking though the 3D glasses. But the story is a tad long and I wish the main character would hurry up and fight his human friends. Anyway, this is the synopsis of the movie.

Fast forward 100 years later, some large corporation is mining precious minerals in a planet named Pandora. 1kg for this mineral is worth USD 20mil, hence mining and destroying the rich bio diversity of this planet is meant nothing to them even if this planet boasts floating mountains and blue tailed natives.

Jake Sully, a retired marine, with his legs paralyzed took over his twin brother's mission to Pandora. Long story short, Jake gets his own avatar which he could actually walk and run in it and meet the princess of the Navi'an tribe,Neytiri. Neytiri shows him the wonder (James Cameron also shows us what he can do with 3D especially at this part) of Pandora with " the way of of Ethwa" which is akin to Mother Earth for us except they get to download and upload memories.

From suppose to be trying to negotiate for the humans (the abundance of the valuable minerals are found to be under a giant (really big) tree which house the Navi'an tribe to move, Jake finds himself fighting for the cause instead.

Go watch this film to immerse yourself to the wonderful things James Cameron has done about the 3D effect. Seems like everyone is doing it, why not you?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beauty Tips: Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

It started with me reading' s post on using olive oil to remove makeup, even though PB the blogger reported an increase of spots after using the olive oil for a week, it still interest me enough to actually use the oil on my face.

As most of you might know olive oil is rich in anti- oxidant properties such as Vitamin E and from what I googled online you should use the best olive oil you could afford. Mine was an extra virgin olive oil and plan to upgrade to organic olive oil once I finish this bottle, well, it could be sometime before I finish the bottle though.

Back to my report on olive oil, been using it for than 10 days, my skin has never felt softer. The first day I used the oil, I was so amazed at how clean and clear my skin, I could not stop touching my face. The 2nd day I spotted 2 light brown spots on my left cheek, I began to panic and took note I should add on whitening serum to my regime. On the 3rd day, after massaging my face with olive oil, I use a little teaspoon of sugar to ex foliate before I wash the oil off from a recommendation I found in an article online.

I was stunned to find the 2 brown spots I found the day before lightened to the point they almost vanished!

The subsequent days I did find 2 to 3 spots emerging but I kept on the regime and the spots faded fast as well. I also incorporated Yuan Cypress soap to calm down the spots and to wash off the oil.

After 10 days, I think I would still continue to use the oil as long as possible as I intend to keep my beauty regime as natural as possible.Besides, some other natural tips i read include using fruit pulps as mask which I think it's too much hassle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Post amalgam fillings extraction 1

I woke up late or not as early I would like but I definately feel more energy. Could it be the Yomeishu I started 2 days ago? I still have dreams as usual, very drama this time, which was from the era in the of 1920s Shanghai.
I did not crave for coffee this morning, but I took 2 packets of Shaklee Energy Cinch tea since I am trying to lose weight as well. But I definately feel more energy, no more feeling helplessness and life draining away from me.
I think I made the right choice to extract my amalgam fillings, and looking forward to the final extractions. Will keep on updating on any changes.


After prosractinating for so long and insufficient fund to cover expenses, I finally went over to Dr Rajamani's clinic today and got rid of amalgam fillings in 3 of my teeths. My next appointment will be for the remaining 2 teeths and I will be mercury free!
Dr Rajamani was professional enough to check with me the reasons for me to go amalgam free as she found my fillings were not exactly " Chernobyl" to actually remove the fillings. So I filled in some details to her and she agreed to extract all my amalgams out. I was given a charcoal tablet before the extract begins.
After the " wet" and " noisy" affair (it was like a fountain in my mouth), the doctor gave me a recipe for a heavy metals detox. Friends and books have told me to expect supplements like selenium, vit c, chorella etc. I was surprised when she only recommended 1000mg for Vit C, I was expecting at least 2000mg in case I might be down for fever from the mercury vapour. I been on more than 2000mg of Vita c each day so it could be the reason I am feeling well enough to write on this blog.
The more interesting natural recipe which she asked me to try to expel heavy metals from my body is this, in some websites, some might say is delicious enough to eat with potatoes jackets and pasta.
Cilantro(yim sai) Chelation Pesto
3 cups packed fresh cilantro (vit A), NEVER USED DRIED CILANTRO
2/3 cups flaxseed oil (omega 3 and omega 6)
1/3 brazil nut (selenium)
1/3 sunflower seed (cysteine)
1/3 pumpkin seed (zinc and magnesium)
2 tbs lemon juice (vita C)
2 tbs Dulse powder (magnesium)
2 cloves of garlic
Seasalt to taste
Blend to a paste. Store in dark glass jar if possible. Cilantro has been proven to chelate toxic metals from our bodies in a relative short period of time. Combined with the benefit of other ingredients, this recipe is a powerful tissue cleanser.
Her notes also recommends to take this paste 2 tbsp of this pesto daily for 3 weeks. We can consider doing to this cleanse for 3 weeks at least once a year.
Read more on cilantro how it can help reduce toxic metals from our bodies.
I am going to start the pesto as soon as I get my hands on the cilantro. Unfortunately, organic cilantro are available seasonal in Malaysia. I might just use the ones found in supermarkets.
I will update this post once I finish the pesto in 3 weeks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Bamboo Organic

For those who wants to find out more on my other blog:-

you can check out

Auspicous dates to start work

I came across this post by Joey Yap in search of auspicious dates to start work, it took me quite a while to realize that he posted on his blog rather than his website. For those who hasn't check it out, below it is the list.

28th January 2009 (3rd Day of Chinese New Year)

Auspicious Time: From 11 AM to 1 PM

Animal Sign That Will Not Benefit: Rabbit

Secondary Animal Sign That
Will Not Benefit: Goat, Pig

Animal Sign That Will Benefit: Dragon, Snake, Rooster, Ox

Most Beneficial Sectors: East

Secondary Beneficial Sectors: Southeast

Industries that Will Benefit: Water Element Industries
(Tourism, Hotel, Entertainment, Transportation)

30th January 2009 (5th Day of Chinese New Year)

Auspicious Time: From 7 AM to 9 AM

Animal Sign That Will Not Benefit: Snake

Secondary Animal Sign That Will Not Benefit: Rooster, Ox

Animal Sign That Will Benefit: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat, Pig

Most Beneficial Sectors: North

Secondary Beneficial Sectors: Southwest

Industries that Will Benefit: Wood Element Industries
(Printing, Education, Construction, Medical, Agriculture)

2nd February 2009 (8th Day of Chinese New Year)

Auspicious Time: From 7 AM to 9 AM

Animal Sign That Will Not Benefit: Monkey

Secondary Animal Sign That Will Not Benefit: Rat, Dragon, Ox

Animal Sign That Will Benefit: Pig, Dog, Horse

Most Beneficial Sectors: West

Secondary Beneficial Sectors: Northeast

Industries that Will Benefit: Fire Element Industries
(Metaphysics, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Mass Media)

Earth Element Industries (Pottery, Real Estate)

6th February 2009 (12th Day of Chinese New Year)

Auspicious Time: From 9 AM to 11 AM

Animal Sign That Will Not Benefit: Rat

Secondary Animal Sign That Will Not Benefit: Monkey, Dragon

Animal Sign That Will Benefit: Tiger, Horse, Goat, Dog

Most Beneficial Sectors: East

Secondary Beneficial Sectors: Southeast

Industries that Will Benefit: Water Element Industries
(Tourism, Hotel, Entertainment, Transportation)

Fire Element Industries
(Metaphysics, Broadcast, Telecommunication, Mass Media)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ever since I got in touch with a beauty blogger to do a review on Yuan soaps, I got known to some friends through the blog One of the friends I got known of is Patricia of who sells handmade jewelleries and cute pouches online.

a piece i bought from Patty Belle

Patty is actually a full timer banker but her passion for business and handmade products is so great I am actually amazed with her spirit! She joined different bazaars and flea markets to promote her website and sometimes I feel she puts more efforts promoting my soaps than me.
He happy go lucky mind set and attitude also inspired me to stay positive in business and life.

Also don't miss out Patty Belle'sattractive giveaways in partnership with starting first week of February. Knowing Patty's generous trait, you guys will be running for some great prizes.

This is a message I plucked from Patty's website:

“I’m a beauty maniac, constantly searching for the best way to share my interest in art and my beauty secrets with everyone. I love to try new beauty products and I appreciate art and exquisitely handmade products,
Patty Belle was born out of a passion for beauty & art, a craving for all things beautiful and the love of being a lady.

You may think this is just another online store. In fact there are lots out there that feature famous brands but take a closer look at what we have as what we offer are only exclusively found at this site. Our skincare, health and beauty products have been tried and tested to be effective and safe. Patty Belle commits to continually research for improvements and for more innovative labels.

Patty Belle offers a wide range of labels, both modern and vintage in outlook. It’s here that you will find skincare that works for you and quality, handmade, unique and beautiful fashion accessories. Our products are not those that are mass produced and commonly found in the shopping mall! And much more, here, we will also feature the latest designs in season for ladies today.

Snip snap pic

Its nice when you hear a friend is learning the ropes of becoming a vegetarian of trying to cut down on meats. Yoke Sze was one of my close friends from Methodist College, and when I found out she goes to the same temple that I do, we sort of have a whole new topic to chat about including eating more vegetables.
Few days back, I asked her help to take some pictures for my mum's confinement food. I have a talent of spotting who's with the talent ;). So here you are some gorgeous pictures taken by Yoke Sze

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review: Mizi Shabu Shabu, Puchong

Since my wonderful meal at Nagomi, when my friend suggested another popular Shabu shabu place in Puchong, I have to jump to the opportunity.
Unfortunately, that was one of the worst steamboat experience I ever had. Maybe because I am vegetarian and could not choose from soup choices such as a. ABC soup (the one with potatoes, tomatoes and onions), b. herbal soup c. ginseng soup d. tomyam soup. As a vegetarian I can only choose between herbal and ginseng soup. I love spiciness in my soup thus having to choose between something blandish did not stir my appetite. But I tried to be optimist since I had non spicy soup in Nagomi.
For vegetarians, there is a vegetarian platter with vegetables pickles and peanut with sesame sauce with small chillies thrown in. In your plate, you get canned button mushrooms, konyoku, egg tofu, chinese cabbages, cabbages, noodle/tongfun, tofupok, enoki mushrooms, corn and carrot slices.
Ok and maybe I am a spoiled eater who have eaten natural organic food, so I am not so happy with canned mushrooms, and rough tofupok inside my plate. Friends know how much I adore fresh mushrooms and I am started complaing about the price - RM17 for a set within my mind.
Would I go back?
Yes, and I would bring a small jar of Tomyam paste if I had to. The ginseng and herbal soup come in sachet! and not boiled soup.
Conclusion: Maybe the meat eaters would enjoy it better since many blogs were raving about this place, but I don't see happy and satisfied faces from my 3 companions.
Address:Address: No 17, Jln Puteri 2/5 Bdr Puteri, 47100 Puchong

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Star with the diapers?

One of my soul sisters just gave birth to a healthy baby boy this afternoon, another good friend will give birth to hers this summer. What do you give as gifts to them? Yes, cute baby outfits are irresistible (i'm in love with those from mothercare), and baby hampers sure its the safest and most cliche gift of them all.

Well, to do my bit to the earth, I am planning to get my friend a set of biodegradable and chemical free detergent, softener, multipurpose cleaner, and dish washing liquid. If I have more budget I would definitely get her eco babies diapers as well. For my part to the environment as well, I will usually encourage friends who are planning to children or pregnant the importance of good nutrition and the "greatness" we will achieve by going cloth diaper and Eco friendly diapers. Most of our diapers from birth are still around, as they live around 500 years, so do your maths. My mum has 6 children and if each of us used 50 pieces, there will be at least 300 disposable diapers out there and that is just 6 children with 50 diapers each.

Sites like Tiny Tapir ,Baby Loft and Green Bebe Worldwide have great natural products selections that you can choose from, remember your next generation's world is on your choices.

Oh, congrats Jak Ling and Frank on your new family member!!
Not bad looking for something "green".

Yuan's studio here I come

Guess what!? I am going to Taipei this coming February!!!!! To vist Yuan soap's studio and workshop. My dream of me standing over a cliff watching the sea is about to come true. I could smell the herbs permeating my senses.
The other thing I am overjoyed is I am going to meet my sis!!! Almost a year of not meeting her, this is the ultimate Chinese New Year trip!! (I'm sorry I keep using the exclaimation marks!!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bitterness might not be a bad thing

I like what it means. Soap is soap but messages are profound when they are interpreted correctly.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shabu shabu!

I love steamboats! Great and easy meals for gatherings and the ways it helps with bantering and laughter amongst friends and families.

It does not have to be with a big group people, I also enjoy two three persons steamboat, slowly chatting away and enjoying the great soup and dishes.

Why the sudden urge of me blogging away about steamboat is because I just came back from a great one! Shabu shabu!! Yum yum....enjoyed it so much until I did not complain about the prices...heehehehe. I just spent over RM80 for a 2 persons shabu shabu at Nagomi at the Plaza Damas. Being a vegetarian and to find a steamboat restaurant catering to your needs is beyond comprehension, and this one comes with a great soup base to boot!

For more hygienic purposes and personal choices, each person will have their own pot with three different soup bases to choose.

a. Nagomi soup, their signature in house soup. I had to take this soup because the other two were meat based.
b. Chicken soup
c. Kimchi spicy soup, bf chose this with the Ribeye set.

Other than ribeye and the vegetarian set, one can also choose from maguro, salmon, chicken, duck and the kobe beef.

We were also given 3 different sauces to complement our soup, the tahini (white seame) sauce, chilies and vinegar.

And boy I was having a great yummy time mixing the tahini and chilies into the soup, the vinegar I used sparingly like the way soy sauce is used. The results was fanstatic , even bf abandoned his own soup few times and digged into my pot. Towards the end, we poured the rice given with the set and let it simmer for a while before eating it like congee. The flavour from the soup gave the rice an earthy taste but sweet taste from all the vegetables and white sesame. The whole experiences reminded me of one of my best trip which was in Taiwan, June 2007, where I had a great steamboat on top of a cool hill.

I would be back to Nagomi especially for special occasions!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Body Bar

Recently I was introduced to an organic and natural skincare store, from my knowledge this could be the first of its kind in Malaysia.

We know that most health food stores do carry a small selection of natural skincare and from my days in a health food store, I am beginning to feel a need for a range of skincare that really live up to hype other commercial brands are offering but I want them to be safe and affordable!

I first read them in, got intrigued and contacted the owner Michelle. I was running low on my face lotion and just lost 2 tubes of eye cream so I could not wait to pick up something from them. As the writer in the blog mentioned brands like Mukti and Remedica, I did a quick search on them, Mukti is a fully organic certified product and when the I saw the balancing facial creme only retails at RM78 for 30ml, I have to grab a bottle. However when I saw the price for the eye balam retails at RM98 for 15g, I was hesitating, I never paid more than RM50 for eye cream/balm. However since its a balm, it will last me for some time and I was in the mood of celebrating an emergence of such shop heheee. So far I have gotten a tube of cleansing milk from them yesterday by Biguine Bio from France, and I am happy using it with my Yuan soap, Wild Patchouli and I think my skin is pretty happy currently.

So far I am loving the products I got, from the smell and textures. I will slowly convert all my currrent products (even though they serve me really well) to everything from Bodybar.

For those who want to check Body bar out, its time to do so cause parking is currently free and no hassle, their salegirls are really helpful and knowledgeable. Right now they are running a promo where you get a lucky dip if you purchase RM50 and above( I got a RM20 voucher!!)

Body Bar is located at Lot 31, 1st Floor at the newly opened Tropicana Mall in Petaling Jaya beside SS2 and opposite Wisma Dijaya (map). Since I would drive from Old Klang Road , I would the Sprint highway and cut into the into the lane to the mall.

Wishes for 2009








I know I have not been writing. I tried, many times but all my post have been left in the draft folder.

I realized I lost my "voice" during year 2008 and usually for each year I would have an aim, a motivation or a direction to pursue. I could not pin point what I want for year 2009.

So I went deep, and searched and found the only thing I wanted is to be happy. Do simple things like with the heart you know...appreciating little things in life. Its an easy and straightforward resolution.

I sleep late most night and I don't sleep well. So, for the past few days I have been trying to make a point to sleep earlier, remember to take my vitamins and enzyme, stopped for a moment for a massage from a person who really want to give me one , and lastly pray. I feel calmer, and floored by the kindness from people surrounding me.

I have not laugh from the heart yet. I wish I could, I'm trying everyday by learning to put a smile back.

From 2008, we learn life is full of uncertainties and vulnerable.

I give up...the facade to be strong, and maybe then I will find my voice back.