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Monday, August 4, 2008

Buckwheat Rice

Another healthy option: buckwheat, barley and rice

I have customers and friends gushing how effective this recipe is in combating sugar level, cholesterol levels and uric acids by just using Mongolian buckwheat. My friend actually taught me this recipe but I was this recipe as well in one particular book. According to this book, this is also great for combating aging.

Mongolian Buckwheat Tea Rice 苦荞茶饭(抗老化的最佳伙伴)

Ingredient (for 4 person) 材料(4 人份)

white rice/白米。。。。量迷杯cup 360oz

mongolian buckwheat/苦荞麦。。。。。。。。2大匙tablespoons

(Add after washing the white rice)

water/水。。。。。。。。。。430 oz

Prepare rice as usual, adding buckwheat before there you start cooking.

I always subsitute the white rice with brown rice, some even see their sugar level drop/cholesterol level drop by eating brown rice with buckwheat and drinking the buckwheat as tea.