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Friday, January 23, 2009


Ever since I got in touch with a beauty blogger to do a review on Yuan soaps, I got known to some friends through the blog One of the friends I got known of is Patricia of who sells handmade jewelleries and cute pouches online.

a piece i bought from Patty Belle

Patty is actually a full timer banker but her passion for business and handmade products is so great I am actually amazed with her spirit! She joined different bazaars and flea markets to promote her website and sometimes I feel she puts more efforts promoting my soaps than me.
He happy go lucky mind set and attitude also inspired me to stay positive in business and life.

Also don't miss out Patty Belle'sattractive giveaways in partnership with starting first week of February. Knowing Patty's generous trait, you guys will be running for some great prizes.

This is a message I plucked from Patty's website:

“I’m a beauty maniac, constantly searching for the best way to share my interest in art and my beauty secrets with everyone. I love to try new beauty products and I appreciate art and exquisitely handmade products,
Patty Belle was born out of a passion for beauty & art, a craving for all things beautiful and the love of being a lady.

You may think this is just another online store. In fact there are lots out there that feature famous brands but take a closer look at what we have as what we offer are only exclusively found at this site. Our skincare, health and beauty products have been tried and tested to be effective and safe. Patty Belle commits to continually research for improvements and for more innovative labels.

Patty Belle offers a wide range of labels, both modern and vintage in outlook. It’s here that you will find skincare that works for you and quality, handmade, unique and beautiful fashion accessories. Our products are not those that are mass produced and commonly found in the shopping mall! And much more, here, we will also feature the latest designs in season for ladies today.

Snip snap pic

Its nice when you hear a friend is learning the ropes of becoming a vegetarian of trying to cut down on meats. Yoke Sze was one of my close friends from Methodist College, and when I found out she goes to the same temple that I do, we sort of have a whole new topic to chat about including eating more vegetables.
Few days back, I asked her help to take some pictures for my mum's confinement food. I have a talent of spotting who's with the talent ;). So here you are some gorgeous pictures taken by Yoke Sze