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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Body Bar

Recently I was introduced to an organic and natural skincare store, from my knowledge this could be the first of its kind in Malaysia.

We know that most health food stores do carry a small selection of natural skincare and from my days in a health food store, I am beginning to feel a need for a range of skincare that really live up to hype other commercial brands are offering but I want them to be safe and affordable!

I first read them in, got intrigued and contacted the owner Michelle. I was running low on my face lotion and just lost 2 tubes of eye cream so I could not wait to pick up something from them. As the writer in the blog mentioned brands like Mukti and Remedica, I did a quick search on them, Mukti is a fully organic certified product and when the I saw the balancing facial creme only retails at RM78 for 30ml, I have to grab a bottle. However when I saw the price for the eye balam retails at RM98 for 15g, I was hesitating, I never paid more than RM50 for eye cream/balm. However since its a balm, it will last me for some time and I was in the mood of celebrating an emergence of such shop heheee. So far I have gotten a tube of cleansing milk from them yesterday by Biguine Bio from France, and I am happy using it with my Yuan soap, Wild Patchouli and I think my skin is pretty happy currently.

So far I am loving the products I got, from the smell and textures. I will slowly convert all my currrent products (even though they serve me really well) to everything from Bodybar.

For those who want to check Body bar out, its time to do so cause parking is currently free and no hassle, their salegirls are really helpful and knowledgeable. Right now they are running a promo where you get a lucky dip if you purchase RM50 and above( I got a RM20 voucher!!)

Body Bar is located at Lot 31, 1st Floor at the newly opened Tropicana Mall in Petaling Jaya beside SS2 and opposite Wisma Dijaya (map). Since I would drive from Old Klang Road , I would the Sprint highway and cut into the into the lane to the mall.

Wishes for 2009








I know I have not been writing. I tried, many times but all my post have been left in the draft folder.

I realized I lost my "voice" during year 2008 and usually for each year I would have an aim, a motivation or a direction to pursue. I could not pin point what I want for year 2009.

So I went deep, and searched and found the only thing I wanted is to be happy. Do simple things like with the heart you know...appreciating little things in life. Its an easy and straightforward resolution.

I sleep late most night and I don't sleep well. So, for the past few days I have been trying to make a point to sleep earlier, remember to take my vitamins and enzyme, stopped for a moment for a massage from a person who really want to give me one , and lastly pray. I feel calmer, and floored by the kindness from people surrounding me.

I have not laugh from the heart yet. I wish I could, I'm trying everyday by learning to put a smile back.

From 2008, we learn life is full of uncertainties and vulnerable.

I give up...the facade to be strong, and maybe then I will find my voice back.