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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Delicious vegetarian sushi

The birthday boy, Andrew

Last Wednesday, for a special friend's Birthday, and his first to be celebrated in Kuala Lumpur. A few of us (my veggie and organic food lover yet not necessary vegetarians at all time) Mei Yoong, Alan, sisters Yun Shiuan and Yun Chen, Jiaying and daughter Sue Anne, went and rackey a vegetarian sushi stall in Taman Connaught, Cheras located within a food court called 118 food court (next to Econsave).

Unlike the usual sushi quality you find in most of the food court and pasar malam, Mr Wong and his wife actually has 20 years experiences in preparing sushi in Japan. So you will be in for a surprise when you actually sample some of his sushi.

Some actually tasted much better than the real thing, the rice is just right , not too soggy or hard, biting into it you can saviour every bits of rice. We had enoki mushroom sushi (Mine and Yun Shiuan's favourite), spicy tuna sushi, tuna sushi, hand rolls each (Sue Anne's refused to share with her mom), cold udon, and the most creative one are mango and dragon fruit sushis!!!!!

(yummy yummy hand rolls!)

(the very creative and refreshing sushi; mango and dragon fruit sushi), had to make some of them put their sushi back for pics)

So in awed with sushi, I forgot to snap any pictures so pictures seen here are taken halfway through munching the sushi and demanding everyone to stop eating so that I can take some pictures.

(tuna sushi, almost done with the whole lot)

Definitely a place you want to recommend or bring friends to. Vegetarians will salute the ground you walk and meat eaters will be impressed with the current selection of vegetarians food (either that they will be happy with the delicious "char bei kuih" sold in nearby stall)

(happy Sue Anne after walloping endless sushi and ultimately the chocolate birthday cake (she ate all the cake decors!))

(The food court lighting was quite nice, adding great atmosphere to great companions)

Food taste ****
Food presentations ****
Food healthiness ***
Ambiance **(eh, food courtlah what to expect?!)
Price ***
*****Five stars means worth mentioning in the Michelin/Zagat book guide