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Thursday, May 27, 2010

EAT, PRAY, LOVE- Book Review

My latest edition to my little library, went crazy to get it after I seen its trailer with Julia Roberts in it. Ok, I am a Julia fan. After reading its synopsis on wikipedia, I knew I had to get it.

A non fiction work which I actually enjoy.

One of my secret dream is to travel around(who doesn't? Duh and not so secret anymore). It can be any country or continent, I would be happy to explore the country.

So this book kinda click with my secret dream. Except the writer seems to have it all but she goes into a soul searching trip, by divorcing her husband, living in a small apartment while paying for a vacant beautiful suburbs house she used to share with her husband and also decided to give herself a year holiday visiting Italy (Eat), India (Pray) and Bali (Love). The travel is possible because she received an advance for a travel book. Too good to be true?!

I do not even mind if its a fiction, this book make me feel I am human, and its ok to feel certain ways even when things appear to cheery.

A positive read.

Here, a trailer on Eat,Pray, Love in case you are wondering what I just wrote or you are too lazy to read the book.

Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior

Doesn't she look like a young Susan Sarandon in this ad?

For those who do not know her, Marion is a French actress who won an Ocsar/ BAFTA for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. Recently, she received a Golden Globe nomination for the musical Nine.

Vegetarian soup

My 2nd maternal aunt always blow me away with her vegetarian soup. Clear, without the need of adding mock meats and with just basic seasoning, I could just have her soup for a meal. Maybe it just me thinking too much or too romantically. I always feel I will get extra glow from drinking her soup, very nourishing. My aunt's soups also impressed the meat eaters who swear by meat or bones in their soup, I even have customers asking my aunt whether she uses sugar in the soup!!!?

Above is a picture where I decided to capture her soup ingredients in case I might need it someday ^^
The soup should be modified from ABC soup minus the salty vege and onion. I see my aunt added beetroot, turnip, potatoes, carrots and corns. Don't underestimate these ingredients, it beat some of the better vegetarian restaurants' soup. No picture of soup broth as I drank it greedily when I got the tiffin. The colour is light red due to the beets.

One more secret to great soups, my aunt uses organic ingredients and am generous with the ingredients all the time!!

Anyone tried, please share with me the result ya.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wedding Food Review: Putrajaya Marriott

Bf and I were invited to a wedding dinner at the Putrajaya Marriot hotel a few days after the New Year. I have been making mental note to note down all the vegetarian dishes I have in different restaurants that I have been to for wedding, none was really materialized until now. Till date, the best Chinese Vegetarian meal I had for wedding dinners was the one I had at my best friend Lisa's wedding almost 2 years ago at the Noble Banquet. They got brownies points by serving me unexpected vegetarian dishes. For vegetarians out there, you know what I mean when a restaurant really took the effort in preparing the dish for you. The dish can be simple but the thoughts of cooking something else other than mock meats are much appreciated. Since then I have been amazed by some non-vegetarians restaurants and hotels such as The Westin Hotel, Langkawi where they created a beautiful tempura dish for me and my other vegetarian friends.

The dishes in Putrajaya Marriot, are surprisingly tasty as the food presentations are not really appealing. I could feel my food was simply extracted from the vegetarian table and served to me. Another complaint was the food was a little of the salty side. Perhaps it is only to me who prefer healthier cooking.

For dessert (not in correct order, sigh) I took a bowl of black sesame paste soup as my ginkgo nut soup was really unappealing. The waiter warned me that it might not be vegetarian.Huh, first time I hear that black sesame paste might not be vegetarian.

By the time the last few dishes were out, the other guests from our table left. Leaving only my bf to finish up all the food, my heart was really heavy seeing all these wastage that made me asked the server for my table on what they would do with the excess food if we do not eat it.

She simply replied " We have to throw it, even if its untouched and we are not allowed to take the food home". With that answer, it sort of reinforce my bf and my decision to forgo a wedding dinner and have a simple one instead.

We have seen far too much wastage during wedding dinners.