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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Natural makeup and facial products

Paul Penders are actually made in Langkawi island Malaysia but sold to worldwide!

Great range from New Zealand

For my advertising and marketing research for Yuan soap, I was drawn to a few forums and whimsical sites which holds beauty and fashion commentaries. Eventually I became a member of, and suscribe to the feeds for The latter caught my attention more as the writer "Paris B" writing is effortlessly easy to follow and her reviews are genuinely expressed even with sponsored reviews.
However from reading blogs, and forums I found the topic that most people avoid or leave no comments are those concerning environment and natural products in Malaysia. For those who are interested in natural and organic cosmetics and facial products available in Malaysia, you can check out
1. Paul Penders (great range of makeups and facial products, price wise I think RM50 for a natural lipstick is not that much, don't you think?)

2. Living Nature by Justlife
3. Alive
4. Avalon Organics
5. Reborn Organics

Most of these range can be found i most organic shops though some shops only carry one or two brands only. I myself only carry a bit of the Alive and some Reborn organics range.
Probably, I will review some of the products. Will let you guys know soon.

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