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Thursday, July 24, 2008

i dream of yong tao foo

Yong tao foos made by the Culinary team from Holistic Health care group for their health camp recently. Instead of the usual flour, they mashed up assorted vegetables with oats and stuffed it into organic brinjals, sliced organic bittergourds, tofupoks and organic white tofu.

The camp ran from 4th to 6th June and I still can taste some of the food in my mouth. Unless I start to learn to make them, I can only dream about the food taunting me with their delicious images.

Oh, I was asked to help facilitate the kitchen for the year end camp = unlimited access to organic, vegetarian and health food= great group of hardworking and fun people)

Local premium yoghurt

Just got this from Ms Lean of Lean Food Enterprise. As some of you probably know I am a yogurt lover, so when Ms Lean came with 3 varieties of fruit yogurts excluding 1 natural flavour.
I am half sold with the atrractive packaging and with the fact the yogurts came with fruits paste topping.
Mum and I felt in love with the blueberry flavour and with its reasonably priced at RM6.50, it might just be a favourite among the health conscious crowd.