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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Being Veggiee

One of the reason I started this blog to sort of document my vegetarian lifestyle. Many people whom I met especially in large gathering such as wedding dinners are really curious how I can "not eat" super delicious and wide varieties of meat dishes in Malaysia. The answer is easy: WE VEGETARIANS JUST DO NOT HAVE THE URGES FOR THOSE FOOD.

Consider us of different breeds. Clearer picture? Well, I do not think some of us find Africans or Japanese raw fish easy to digest, or some people just do not like durians. And in this case, meat is just not what we want to stomach.

I was not always a vegetarian, once upon a time I was a meat eater like many of you. I guess since young my route towards vegetarianism was predestined. I never like the smell of pork (pork porridge and pork soup was my worst nightmare), protested against eating sharkfin soups during my teenage years, dated a vegetarian before, and of course when my mum turned vegetarian, meat is abstained from the house.

Once you decided to go veggie, you have to inform the world, do not expect people to know what to do, be causal about it as I believe in order to advocate meat free diet is have fun in your life so people who know that vegetarians are fun and cool as well.