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Monday, April 28, 2008

My personal touch

Been helping my aunt in the kitchen for the last few days. Not cooking main dishes or any meals yet but more of like putting together our set meals.

Our main set meal has salad, fruit, 2 side dishes, sweet potatoes, brown rice and soup. Different fruits, sweet potatoes colours, types of soups, different dressing for salad and dishes everyday can perk up anyone's day.

I try to ensure that my customers get their colours for the day, like today, I put together RED apples, RED (purple) & GREEN cabbages, carrots (ORANGE), YELLOW and LILAC coloured sweet potatoes, brown rice (WHITE), others side ingredients for modifications we have cherry tomatoes, sweet corns, seaweeds pickled and 2 different types of salad dressing (1.honey lemon vinegar, 2. passionfruit & pineapple mayonaisse)

Its like a personal gift from me. Changing a person's expectation and norm, a little joy, a little surprise to their usual dish. The surprise might last less than 5 seconds but the effects from that little simple gestures might give them a nice mood or a great start to a day.

Though I might not satisfy every walk in customers, and some might not understand or appreciate the efforts behind each dish.

Then again...probably they are the ones who are satisfying my creativity vines.