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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bubbles for thought

Safe and eco friendly cleaning products that I use everyday....downside is they do not carry the entire range like they have in US.

"Every litre of non- ecological washing detergent that goes down the drain takes 20,000 litres of water to treat"
quoted from 101 WAYS TO GO GREEN by Natural Health Mag, UK

Beneficial colours

Mum got inspired when she took over the kitchen from aunt today. Like me she will get excited over a colourful healthy plate of rice. Accompanying the set is her new dessert/soup of multi grain rice with seaweed.


Another proof that with proper nutrition, a vegetarian child can grow up healthier and as normal as any other children.

Da da is a cute and a little curious child that entertained us during the entire Penang health camp earlier this month. He has endless stamina, he is a quick thicker and reacts faster than anyone including adults in many situtations and inspired many other parents to adopt vegetarian diet for their children.


Nice change from the usual funghi pizza I would order ... it has generous amount of mozzarella too.

The buns reminded Alan and I on the recent introduce Starbuck's breakfast sandwiches.

We liked this dish...

Too oily.....used up our napkins for these

Really, I was supposed to work my ass off a basketball court. Sometime not long ago, I used to hit a basketball court in SS2 with my great pals Alan and Mei Yoong, now it became a rarity as we are caught up with our own busy worlds.

Like I said, we were scheduled to meet up for a game but the rain got better of us. All I managed to do was, walking around the park twice, stood on the balancing poles, stared at a husky, amused by a group of casual dressed scouts practicing their march and pretend I was already sweating.

So Alan and Mei Yoong arrived when the rain emptied the whole park. And we were on our way to try a new vegetarian restaurant in Jaya 33.

We were excited and a friend gave it a thumb ups and a local news paper just covered it a few months ago. Indinine is a fusion vegetarian restaurant that managed to get me excited thus recommended to some of my friends even before I been to that cafe. With me who got bored with conventional Chinese vegetarian find this idea very refreshing.

Perhaps we ordered the wrong food except for the pasta alfredo. Beside the constant oil odour permeating the air, the dishes all spelt too much oil. We ordered Indinine's platter which supposed to have a bit of everything and everything we found were fried. My portobello burger was okay, even the wedges tasted nice, we like the pizza which had brinjal and basils. Yet there was this feeling on oiliness, I had to squeeze lots of oil out before I could eat some of the food.

To give credits, the food is much better than lots of restaurant but we had better, and we are terrified of high temperature treated oil and recycled oil. I would come back but probably for the pasta and preferably as take away.

Flop: Rojak

Not exactly a flop but its nothing surprising. Armed with the latest recipe from my recent health camp. I attempt to recreate some of the dishes. One of them is the rojak. To prove how much I want to do this dish right, I even slowly toasted the white sesames and cashew nuts on the wok. Its not like a toasted oven where u can just easily slip in the tray containing the intended toasted material rather its a strenuous work where u have to stand on the heated warm work and stir it non stop. Any mistakes or arm tiredness might result in your hard work going down to drain.

To me its like my early journey towards being a competent cook.

One of my strength as well as my weakness that I like being spontaneous which result in forgetting my pumpkin seeds with my white sesame and cashew nuts, no nice semi ripe papaya cubes, no masam green mangoes and no juicy turnips. All I had was green and red apples, Japanese cucumbers, pineapples and more Japanese cucumbers. Oh and my kasturi limes did not work as well as it should or its masam power was not enough, resulting in me throwing in some apple cider and worst; plum sauce.

No one complained about the rojak. One friend evn said it was nice when half of what she ate was the white sesame and the toasted cashew nuts.

Oh well, the competent cook to be still has a long journey to go.