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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Durian season

Durian season kinda ending nowadays. Mom has been going ga ga over durian for the past one month, travelling through and fro to Batang Kali, to pick up durians from my grandfather or granduncles' orhards.

Her little escapade each time filled the shop with durians and the never ending smells actually frowned by some customers.

One particular gwei lo was complaning (he was complaining in a nice way) and when I took out my airfilter he was like "Put it on full blast!" pointing to the portable machine.

Another memorable one was this Singaporean guy who came with his wife and daughter practically interrogated my sister Vivenne to have all wild /natural durians, " I 'll take as much as you can bring me!", with my mum nodding and agreeing over the phone. The next wee morning, mum was out and back by noon came back with sackful of durians with my 4th gand uncle. Our guests had their lunch there and then and pack the rest in one big box. Mind you...he came on a taxi.

Of course with wild durians, you can never guess what will greet your taste bud, some bitter, some sweet and some "dunno what taste but nice" by some customers.

One general comment was after consuming these durians, you would not feel heaty and after one month I don't see my mum, my aunt and whoever was consuming these durian this whole month lost their voice.

Can't wait for next year, probably will gather all my durian lovers friend to the orchard and just have it there. One was gushing that she can't wait to go after one bite~!

Yes Jiaying, we will go there, have our durians bath in cool bukit water or hot spring in ulu tamu and might as well get some Ulu Yam loh mee (they do have vegetarian version)