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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have been naughty.

I am been eating at non-vegetarian outlets.Of course no meat for me as usual but I realized my choice of restaurants actually encourage my guy eating more meats. Not a very good vegetarian by example right?

We have been visiting this shabu shabu buffet place in Bandar Puteri Puchong, not revealing the name unless you know the place yourself.

I get to choose the vegetables/mushrooms/century eggs (sinful, sinful, sinful, I will clog my arteries with these)/konnyaku slices/soft tofu and lots of vegetables rather than eating whatever they have in a set. After my 3rd visit to the buffet with my own vegetarian tomyam paste, they have decided to come out with an option of vegetarian soup and dipping sauce. To feed my ego, I would assume it is done because I kept coming back with my tomyam paste to make a statement (or gluttony).

Anyway, my happy guy brought his vegetarian barbecue sauce (sachar) from this famed brand "Niutou pai" Bull Head brand. When mixed with the dipping sauce provided, I swear we were eating the sauce with the food and not the way around.

(The vegetarian version comes with green lid)

My 2nd place which I would not also reveal the place as well its a little udon shop I found nearby my house. It serves very limited menu of udon noodles with some side dishes. But the dishes are simple and authentic with reasonable price tags. I also like the homemade mochi, which simply melts in my mouth because its fresh. Simply a no frill option for lunch/dinner.

My 3rd, its a banana leaf joint which my BFF and I stumbled into it as I was lemming for some rice with dhal.I also brought my happy happy guy there, he ordered some rendang chicken and he was hooked. He even ate the dried chili which usually he would declined when offered. Anyway, we went today again, and in honour of the Winter's solstice festival I forbade to order any meat. LOL. To my defense, we went to a vegetarian and it was not open then before adjourning to the nearest eatery I know he would eat.

I could go on, but someone would probably throw something on me with me ranting on non-vegetarian joints.

Happy Winter's Solstice!

Avatar-Movie review

After almost a year of hiatus from GSC Premiere Screen at The Gardens, Mid Valley. This film actually brought us back to this cinema especially after I read some friends' reviews giving this movie at least 4 stars out of 5 stars for the movie. The other reason for going back to Premier class is having at least 50"% rebate from GSC EON Bank card. Our almost RM50 damage is brought to half.

We bought the 3D tickets and went in with high expectation.

Half way through the movie, I was bored.Fine, the graphic is fantastic especially if you looking though the 3D glasses. But the story is a tad long and I wish the main character would hurry up and fight his human friends. Anyway, this is the synopsis of the movie.

Fast forward 100 years later, some large corporation is mining precious minerals in a planet named Pandora. 1kg for this mineral is worth USD 20mil, hence mining and destroying the rich bio diversity of this planet is meant nothing to them even if this planet boasts floating mountains and blue tailed natives.

Jake Sully, a retired marine, with his legs paralyzed took over his twin brother's mission to Pandora. Long story short, Jake gets his own avatar which he could actually walk and run in it and meet the princess of the Navi'an tribe,Neytiri. Neytiri shows him the wonder (James Cameron also shows us what he can do with 3D especially at this part) of Pandora with " the way of of Ethwa" which is akin to Mother Earth for us except they get to download and upload memories.

From suppose to be trying to negotiate for the humans (the abundance of the valuable minerals are found to be under a giant (really big) tree which house the Navi'an tribe to move, Jake finds himself fighting for the cause instead.

Go watch this film to immerse yourself to the wonderful things James Cameron has done about the 3D effect. Seems like everyone is doing it, why not you?