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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

climate awareness- no its not just about the weather

(Yeah yeah, bad angle.., my booth)

(Skeptic guy checking farm produce up close)

Some multinational company goes all the way to promote climate awareness, including hiring an event manager to come up with activities connected to the issue inviting some organic shops and farms to set up their booths. Today is my second day at the corporation and so far reception to our booths have been so so so far. We started out with only 3 booths and today only two made it, me and one of my fresh veg supplier came.

To be honest, I kinda like have high expectation from this well renowned corporation, I see people wearing t shirts shouting climate change with some sort of environmental message and at the same time while I was driving in I see people wearing these "green" t shirt and buying food packed in Styrofoam and plastic bags (hmmm....).

The girl from the fresh vege farm thought I overreacted... yeah yeah I think I am more a tree hugger day by day now.....but then I reminded myself that, that's why we are all invited to this activity of educating these "well educated " people.

Anyway, after reminding myself of the "noble" intention I am still appalled by these people ignorance on what is the heck is climate awareness.

I was about to categorize the event manager with the people from the BIG corporation, until I spoke to the MD who told me that she uncovered so much information while researching on this subject. Well, at least it has managed to instill some changes in certain people. Hey, this are the stuffs that will encourage me to go further!

Sigh, however... the road to educate the public at large is still long.

A little efforts goes a long way, and the long journey must start with the first step. Wish me luck tomorrow....