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Monday, October 27, 2008

International Long Life Health Exhitbition 2008

If you are always on the prowl for new health products or whatever that is related to it, you can check out the upcoming health fair in PWTC from November 21 to 23.

As Longlife is magazine owned by the Nanyang press, be assured of seeing it and hearing about this fair soon. Some of my customers have already submitted thier leaves just to visit the fair. Usually, I wouldn't go and visit it and most of the new products would have previewed by the respective sales person visiting me before the fair. At the same time, I do not like patroning crowded places.

However, since I am involved in this fair, i found most of the people I know would be travelling from other states just to visit it, to exchange the latest in the organic and health industry and to visit old friends.

Some of the booth worth checking out:

1. Yuan soap (new booths, yuan will be there himself,)

2 BMS/ Green Image booth (They are one of the most competitive in the market, and since the milk issue from China, great to look for affordable milk alternatives here)

3. Bonlife (organic milk for options)

4. Okamizu ( if you can go fully organic or meatless, this is a musthave machine for your kitchen)

5.Nguan Seng Sdn Bhd (check out their burdock tea and vegetables tea)

and so forth

There will be also a healthy breakfast cooking session which your children aged 10 to 15 can participate on Sunday, November 23 from 1pm to 3pm. If you are keen , you can get the participation form found in Longlife November issue pg 155. Details are all included within the page.

Hope to see you there. Admission is free and its starts from 10am to 8pm.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Liver and gallstones detox programme

The liver and gallstones detox in currently all rage amongst the health aficionadoes in Malaysia. I have myself has been asked for the recipes so many times and sold 10s of cartons of organic apple juice since.

Friends who finally done after delaying for some times are now feeling and looking better than before.

This is a great detox for those who has gallstones, or constantly feeling tired due to an overwork liver, stomach bloatiness etc. I have done the cheaper alternative traditional alternative using molasses, lemon juice and all, as well as using a premix package that omitted lots of liver oil which I had(eew!)

Ok, below is the recipe for those who are interested:

排肝毒和排膽石的療程 Liver detox & gallstones flush

This is a combination of both liver detox and gallstones flush programmes.

排肝毒 Liver Detox 10 days(10天療程)

溫開水──3/4杯 Warm water 3/4 glass‧
糖蜜(molasses)──1湯匙 tablespoon
檸檬汁 Organic pure lemon juice──2湯匙 tablespoon
紅椒粉(cayenne pepper)──1/4茶匙 teaspoon
橄欖油(olive oil)──1茶匙tablespoon

On the 10th day, mixed the above ingredients and drink it between 5- 7am on an empty stomach.

排膽石 Gallstones flush 6 days(6天療程)

Start drinking 1 liter/1 kg of organic apple juice from the 5th day till the 10th day.

第十天 10th day請注意:
Note‧在下午4點前喝完最後一杯蘋果汁。Drink your last apple juice before 4pm.
‧5pm:晚餐 Dinner
‧6pm:喝一杯溫開水+一茶匙瀉鹽 Drink 1 glass of warm water + 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts
‧8pm:喝一杯溫開水+一茶匙瀉鹽Drink 1 glass of warm water + 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts.
‧10pm:喝半杯(100ml)檸檬汁+半杯(100ml)橄欖油 Drink half glass(100ml) lemon juice+ 100ml olive oil. You may mix with Organic Lemonade juice for better taste.
‧上床睡覺(向著右側)Try to sleep on your right side after your drink.
第十天半夜或第十一天早上 Middle of the night till next morning.
‧排便。Flushing begins.
‧排便時用篩子裝起糞便,然後用水沖掉糞便。若有膽石排出,就可以看見一顆顆的固體留在篩子裡。You may sieve or use chopsticks after flushing each time, and may find green/black stones.

排毒配合健康養生輕食餐 Detox diet programme

It advisable to follow through the programme with proper diet.

Throughout this programme, try to eliminate coffee/alcohol/cigarettes/white bread/confectionary/red meat and fried foods.

起床時魚腥草茶300-500ml Drink 300-500ml houttuynia tea once awake

早餐 breakfast
薏仁綠豆燕麥粥 Rolled oats+ jobs tears+ mung bean porridge
2.兩顆深海魚油 2 cap x Omega 3/兩湯匙亞麻子油 2 tablespoons Flax seed Oil
3.生食蕃茄、黃瓜 eat some raw cucumber and tomantoes

早上10點 10am 魚腥草茶 drink another 300ml houttuynia tea

午餐 lunch

2.香椿豆腐 tofu with vegemix sauce
3.雜錦菜 lightly steamed green vege
4.涼拌三色泡菜/開胃裙帶菜 cabbage pickle/organic sauerkraut juice/ lactovida (probiotic juice)

下午3-4點 魚腥草茶∕水果 Tea time . houttuynia tea 300ml/1 ripe fruit

晚餐 dinner

養生手卷 seaweed vege rolls∕精力湯 mixed vege &fruit juice∕沙拉 salad / Flaxseed meal or fiber unflavoured 1 teaspoon with 150ml water

晚上8點 8pm fruit platter 水果拼盤

睡覺前 ALFAFA tablet 5粒 take with魚腥草茶houttuynia tea

Natural makeup and facial products

Paul Penders are actually made in Langkawi island Malaysia but sold to worldwide!

Great range from New Zealand

For my advertising and marketing research for Yuan soap, I was drawn to a few forums and whimsical sites which holds beauty and fashion commentaries. Eventually I became a member of, and suscribe to the feeds for The latter caught my attention more as the writer "Paris B" writing is effortlessly easy to follow and her reviews are genuinely expressed even with sponsored reviews.
However from reading blogs, and forums I found the topic that most people avoid or leave no comments are those concerning environment and natural products in Malaysia. For those who are interested in natural and organic cosmetics and facial products available in Malaysia, you can check out
1. Paul Penders (great range of makeups and facial products, price wise I think RM50 for a natural lipstick is not that much, don't you think?)

2. Living Nature by Justlife
3. Alive
4. Avalon Organics
5. Reborn Organics

Most of these range can be found i most organic shops though some shops only carry one or two brands only. I myself only carry a bit of the Alive and some Reborn organics range.
Probably, I will review some of the products. Will let you guys know soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chain of order

While the whole world is hyperventilating over China made products, I am actually quite sad with what is happening. The whole consumer markets brought this to themselves. In economics, we were taught, whenever there is demand, there should be a supply, and whenever demands exceed supply, the price soars.
My lecturer in advertising told me there is no such thing that comes with a low price, great quality and eye catching (in chinese we say its cheap, beautiful and nice!), its either 2 of the qualities or a single quality exist.
However with globalisation and with the Chinese market booming calling for luxuries which was once only the West and developing countries could enjoy, this market turned greedy. Each of one segment of the marketing sector pushing the prices lowers for greater profits while at the end chain, the farmers or other raw materials producers are the ones that suffered. So don't blame China alone for this milk crisis. Each of us has a role to play, we demand for quality products yet refused to pay a measurable price for it. In this milk case, the milk prodcuers only know that by mixing melamanine their milk will be accepted. Cows eating poor quality food to not churn out grade A full cream milk.
I am sure there are more products containing various chemicals which are time bombs waiting to unveil itself.
I am sad because I know there are many genuine Organic producers all around the world, Japan, Australia, Taiwan etc have invested in China for their astonishing fertile and unspoiled land. But as customers started to stay away from products made in China, it will dwindle their efforts in creating better quality organic producst for the rest of the world.
Probably we should be the ones who should learn to choose quality food and not only great tasting food. You know luncheon meat and instant noodles are not good for health, but may of us still take it and even prepare it for our children. Go figure!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Organic lifestyle

While you see many organic shops sprouting like mushrooms in Malaysia, many including some customers of mine have this perception that the organic and natural business is highly lucrative. I cannot deny it because the health supplements industry cost about RM300 billion a year (taken while I was working in the PR line under the MADSA Malaysia Dietary Supplement Asociation). But ask people on the street, they either do not what is the heck is organic food (I still get highly educated people asked me what exactly is my shop selling when I told them organic) or they would think organic food is expensive.
Why is our industry still struggling? One of the main reasons are the prices. Not because they are more expensive than conventional food but they are certain shops who dropped prices more than they can earn, throwing all other organic shop effort in educating customers the drain. Many times have I encountered customers walking in or calling us just to check on the prices. I just had a customer walking in exclaiming how expensive we sell our products when I realised she has been buying products by some retailers at half of their profit.
We retailers do not get more than 6o or 50 or even 40% off products. The most we get is 30%. Now that part has to cover our rental, salary (my mum and i never had one since 4 years ago)and other expenses .
Unless the market matures with the help of consumers which ironically comes with education. I do not think organic retailers will be compensated enough to remain long or to provide the best service we can. Of course, I understand consumers want to buy the cheapest best available products, but sadly, it will only kill the industry at the end, with opportunists labelling food organic in order to sell better, which is already rampant nowadays.
Organic life starts with your heart and mind. If you buy according to trends probably you will never know what is organic lifestyle.