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Friday, July 4, 2008


I have a group of friends who are non vegetarians but are happy enough to go vegetarian with me whenever I am around. Same thing goes even in a non vegetarian restaurant.
So I always have the ultimate task of choosing which restaurant to go. Tomorrow we are planning for a steamboat get together and after a round of deciding who bringing anything, the task seems to place itself contently on my lap. Its going to be organic as well especially I will be rackeying items from my shop.
So I have come out with a list that I might bring:-
1. Seaweed (wakame & the soup chinese type)
2. yee mee (non organic)
3. Brown rice meehoon
4. eggs (non organic)
5. assorted leafy vege
6. pumpkin cubes
7. mushroom (shiitakei, enoki, abalone)
8.tofu (frozen, taukua)
9.asam paste
10.konnyaku jellies (vege sotong)
11. dumplings- yummy!
12. Carrots
13. sweet potatoes slices (yellow & purple)
14. Some healthier choices of mock meat.
15. bottle of wine
I guess the plate will look quite colourful from my list.