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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beauty Tips: Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

It started with me reading' s post on using olive oil to remove makeup, even though PB the blogger reported an increase of spots after using the olive oil for a week, it still interest me enough to actually use the oil on my face.

As most of you might know olive oil is rich in anti- oxidant properties such as Vitamin E and from what I googled online you should use the best olive oil you could afford. Mine was an extra virgin olive oil and plan to upgrade to organic olive oil once I finish this bottle, well, it could be sometime before I finish the bottle though.

Back to my report on olive oil, been using it for than 10 days, my skin has never felt softer. The first day I used the oil, I was so amazed at how clean and clear my skin, I could not stop touching my face. The 2nd day I spotted 2 light brown spots on my left cheek, I began to panic and took note I should add on whitening serum to my regime. On the 3rd day, after massaging my face with olive oil, I use a little teaspoon of sugar to ex foliate before I wash the oil off from a recommendation I found in an article online.

I was stunned to find the 2 brown spots I found the day before lightened to the point they almost vanished!

The subsequent days I did find 2 to 3 spots emerging but I kept on the regime and the spots faded fast as well. I also incorporated Yuan Cypress soap to calm down the spots and to wash off the oil.

After 10 days, I think I would still continue to use the oil as long as possible as I intend to keep my beauty regime as natural as possible.Besides, some other natural tips i read include using fruit pulps as mask which I think it's too much hassle.