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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shabu shabu!

I love steamboats! Great and easy meals for gatherings and the ways it helps with bantering and laughter amongst friends and families.

It does not have to be with a big group people, I also enjoy two three persons steamboat, slowly chatting away and enjoying the great soup and dishes.

Why the sudden urge of me blogging away about steamboat is because I just came back from a great one! Shabu shabu!! Yum yum....enjoyed it so much until I did not complain about the prices...heehehehe. I just spent over RM80 for a 2 persons shabu shabu at Nagomi at the Plaza Damas. Being a vegetarian and to find a steamboat restaurant catering to your needs is beyond comprehension, and this one comes with a great soup base to boot!

For more hygienic purposes and personal choices, each person will have their own pot with three different soup bases to choose.

a. Nagomi soup, their signature in house soup. I had to take this soup because the other two were meat based.
b. Chicken soup
c. Kimchi spicy soup, bf chose this with the Ribeye set.

Other than ribeye and the vegetarian set, one can also choose from maguro, salmon, chicken, duck and the kobe beef.

We were also given 3 different sauces to complement our soup, the tahini (white seame) sauce, chilies and vinegar.

And boy I was having a great yummy time mixing the tahini and chilies into the soup, the vinegar I used sparingly like the way soy sauce is used. The results was fanstatic , even bf abandoned his own soup few times and digged into my pot. Towards the end, we poured the rice given with the set and let it simmer for a while before eating it like congee. The flavour from the soup gave the rice an earthy taste but sweet taste from all the vegetables and white sesame. The whole experiences reminded me of one of my best trip which was in Taiwan, June 2007, where I had a great steamboat on top of a cool hill.

I would be back to Nagomi especially for special occasions!