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Monday, October 27, 2008

International Long Life Health Exhitbition 2008

If you are always on the prowl for new health products or whatever that is related to it, you can check out the upcoming health fair in PWTC from November 21 to 23.

As Longlife is magazine owned by the Nanyang press, be assured of seeing it and hearing about this fair soon. Some of my customers have already submitted thier leaves just to visit the fair. Usually, I wouldn't go and visit it and most of the new products would have previewed by the respective sales person visiting me before the fair. At the same time, I do not like patroning crowded places.

However, since I am involved in this fair, i found most of the people I know would be travelling from other states just to visit it, to exchange the latest in the organic and health industry and to visit old friends.

Some of the booth worth checking out:

1. Yuan soap (new booths, yuan will be there himself,)

2 BMS/ Green Image booth (They are one of the most competitive in the market, and since the milk issue from China, great to look for affordable milk alternatives here)

3. Bonlife (organic milk for options)

4. Okamizu ( if you can go fully organic or meatless, this is a musthave machine for your kitchen)

5.Nguan Seng Sdn Bhd (check out their burdock tea and vegetables tea)

and so forth

There will be also a healthy breakfast cooking session which your children aged 10 to 15 can participate on Sunday, November 23 from 1pm to 3pm. If you are keen , you can get the participation form found in Longlife November issue pg 155. Details are all included within the page.

Hope to see you there. Admission is free and its starts from 10am to 8pm.