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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Digi D'house

I was quite impressed with the effort some company do when it comes to the environment. Not just the tree planting ceremony, that is more a symbolic gesture which actually requires the company or that someone to commit into an eco friendly lifestyle.

For the past 2 weeks, while I was in a Digi setting up booth promoting climate change awareness, I was actually quite shocked at how much they know. But its is a bold step for a company to organise all sort of activities to encourage the staff to go eco.

I managed to find out that currently, they are encouraging their staff to car pool and for that they get to park their car nearer to the office in a covered car park complex. While the rest will only receive carpark that requires them to walk further and submit their car under the hot hot sun.

I drove there, and it wasn't nice carriyng stuff and walking under the hot merciless heat.

Other plans include waste management, replacing all their lightbulbs and air conditioning units to conserve more energy and create less impact to Mother Nature. Their building itself is designed in such way to utilise lights thus eliminating the need for more energy.

From what I also read from another weblog, Environman was also invited to the office a year ago, commented that the office is virtually paperless where employees do not have a fixed desk but allowed to work from anywhere and everywhere in the building. Papers are printed from a main printer.

I went to the bakery, no styrofoams of what sort are used, coffee are ala starbucks,no plastics were used but brown bags only, however sandwiches are still held by plastic.

I have to applaud the management for taking extra miles as I know by virtue of hiring an event company to organise so much activities to for the staff do not come cheap (its 3 weeks!), free lunches to entice their staff to watch documentaries such as The Inconvenient Truth and the 11th hour is not easy (some left after having their lunch), free car signages and various activities to get them into the act.