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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review: Mizi Shabu Shabu, Puchong

Since my wonderful meal at Nagomi, when my friend suggested another popular Shabu shabu place in Puchong, I have to jump to the opportunity.
Unfortunately, that was one of the worst steamboat experience I ever had. Maybe because I am vegetarian and could not choose from soup choices such as a. ABC soup (the one with potatoes, tomatoes and onions), b. herbal soup c. ginseng soup d. tomyam soup. As a vegetarian I can only choose between herbal and ginseng soup. I love spiciness in my soup thus having to choose between something blandish did not stir my appetite. But I tried to be optimist since I had non spicy soup in Nagomi.
For vegetarians, there is a vegetarian platter with vegetables pickles and peanut with sesame sauce with small chillies thrown in. In your plate, you get canned button mushrooms, konyoku, egg tofu, chinese cabbages, cabbages, noodle/tongfun, tofupok, enoki mushrooms, corn and carrot slices.
Ok and maybe I am a spoiled eater who have eaten natural organic food, so I am not so happy with canned mushrooms, and rough tofupok inside my plate. Friends know how much I adore fresh mushrooms and I am started complaing about the price - RM17 for a set within my mind.
Would I go back?
Yes, and I would bring a small jar of Tomyam paste if I had to. The ginseng and herbal soup come in sachet! and not boiled soup.
Conclusion: Maybe the meat eaters would enjoy it better since many blogs were raving about this place, but I don't see happy and satisfied faces from my 3 companions.
Address:Address: No 17, Jln Puteri 2/5 Bdr Puteri, 47100 Puchong