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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sensitive skin

3 days after I started my juicing, the bumps on my face started to fade.
It might also be the passion fruit vinegar I just started as well.

My skin has been more sensitive during the start from my 4th month pregnancy, skin has been drier, from a combination skin, suddenly I have extremely sensitive and dry skin.

My sister also commented I look more energized today.

So I guess this will keep me motivated on juicing.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

22 weeks- My official juicing week

Mom in Law (MIL) just bought an awesome juicer, you can check out the cool machine here, hence my plans to frequently have juices for the baby started.

Previously, I have to rely on visiting organic outlets to get my fixes as I was too lazy to do it with our previous juices. I would rather snack on fruits to get the enzymes and nutrients.

Some fruits I was constantly snacked on were oranges (for its folate), apples, plums (thirst quencher) and cherries (MIL loves buying these for my niece, and I got lucky have these and plums as regular in our fridge.

As for juices, we just started a day ago, so yesterday I was having green apples and carrots while hubby and in laws they get to enjoy semi ripe papayas with papayas.

Today, we all had guavas juices, yummy.

As I was reading up on fruits for juicing, semi ripe papayas are not recommended for pregnant women as it softens the cervix which will induce labour.

Some fruits I am really itching to try but would not dare are like pineapples (recommended in certain books but seems to have the same effects as semi ripe papayas)and watermelons as the Chinese claims these are cooling fruits. But in various
western publications, these 2 fruits seemed to be encouraged.

Some fruits and vegetables I am looking forward for juicing are (apples and carrots will be the staples):

1. spinach: to juice with apples and carrots. Of course it can drunk by itself, the spinach is rich in various minerals such as Calcium, phosphorus etc, vitamins ( Bs, C, K, A, amino acids and irons.

2. Beets: also to juice with apples and carrots. Beets are rich in calcium, potassium, iron, copper, and folic acid. Its also a sweet vegetables to sweeten your juice. We frequently boiled beets with corn, carrots and various herbs for soups as well.

3. oranges: for its folate, folate folate and Vit C. It also tastes good la with its sweet sourish taste, its a favourite amongst many pregnant women.

4. Kiwis- and lemons. Vitamin C!

5. Guavas- The fact is a local fruit, easily available and it helps with constipation.

I would love to add more berries to my juices but the prices aren't that affordable in this side of the world. Strawberries are also one of the plants that have more pesticides.

Just a little note, if you are diabetic, you have to avoid more fruit juices even carrots as juices though naturally juiced, contain high concentrate of sugar. For enzymes and fibre, top your diet with salads.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have been away from my this blog for too long.


I got married last September and currently expecting my first baby.

2010 was really a hectic year for me, long story short, I was a bridezilla who
took over all the planning for my wedding. Good thing was, I melted lots of fat naturally while stressing over wedding details. So I ended up looking quite a looker on pictures and of course on the actual day :).

As for 2011, my husband and I were not planning for a baby for another year or two, but things get happenend :P for a reason and we are now expecting our baby eagerly.

For the past few weeks, my mind has been slowly lingering back to this blog. Many friends are curious on what kind of food or supplements I take for my pregnancy, and one of the main question they ask is always " Where do you get the proteins?"

Even before I told my chinese herbal doctor that I am vegetarian, he suggested I should stuffed myself with meats.....lots of it!

A friend also suggested I keep a blog as well as she would like to know more my pregnancy, the classes I attend, and the things I do. Apprently to her, I come across as those who do lots of research and she can just take notes from what I do.
Unbeknownst to her, I have a walking baby information encyclopedia, my best friend, Lisa.

Lisa has a 2 year old boy and a 6 months old baby boy. For my dear Lisa, I feel there should a separate post of her.

So dear blog and friends (let me assume I do have a few people reading my blog), I
will update more informations on my pregnancy, a peak into what a vegetarian eats and do to have a healthy bouncing baby.