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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1st day fasting

It was bad...bad in sense I felt I rushed into it without proper rest since I just returned from Langkawi, I started with splitting headache and the splitting heachache has not stopped. Don't get me wrong, I have done it before and I never had this problem, the juices were fine, delicious to be exact.

Promised myself to listen to body if I still headache today. I will probably stop the fasting and do recovery day when I slowly eat again. BF already threatened to send me to the doctor when he saw me groaning in pain yesterday (yes it was that bad). After meeting him around 9 plus, I went home and slept without changing my clothes, and was shivering the time I went under the blanket. The worst has not arrived, woke up at 1.30am, thinking it was 4am and had trouble sleeping even with the splitting headache. Then I dreamt that I have to climb a 50/100m ladder with heels!!!

Lisa and Chris had a better success, they brought their fruits for me to juice while I prepared organic juices for them. Today will be their 3rd day and we are meeting today for a another round of juicing.

Wish me luck, will keep you guys posted on how's my programme goes today.