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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Now I am blogging and watching the Beijing Olympic 2008 at the same time, there's one part where hundred of dancers in metallic silver and red gear climbed up to a tower and literally bloomed into flowers!.

Amazing closing ceremony but the part where David Beckham appeared and just did his part kicking a football to a group of Chinese volunteers got me and bf going "huh?", but I like the part where a group of "Londoners" dancing while waiting for the double decker bus.

Definitely a memorable year for Beijing after so much controversy and with its opening subject to scrutiny from fake little girl singing and fireworks to underage athlete.

All the best to London and thank you Beijing for bringing the Olympic Games to Asia.

Oh do check out London almost detachable stadium for 2012, apparently they are trying to make it as eco friendly as possible.

trend vs living it

I have got lots of respects for young entrepreneurs who make it big in the big bad business world. Like many people would said, I wish I have done it or thought of it first, some ideas just stared at you at your face waiting to be explored or discovered.

I was browsing through, I came across Factory Green, a new online eco-store, run by pre-med college students Jack Short and Daniel Lyons at the University of Missouri in their “free time.” Both of them stumbled upon this idea while studying in Europe where most people were living the solutions rather than talking about the problems. They started by employing fellow students and now a hit in countries such as Germany (of course!) Sweden and others.

I wonder if we do it in Malaysia, people would catch up they way they do in western countries? One of my customers remark still ringing in my ears, exclaiming to me not to expect her to bring eco bags as we Malaysian are not that civic minded enough. All this happened in front of her young son.

Some bragged how many bags they accumulated in Australia or in other countries and yet failing to use the bags in Malaysia.

Clearly the environment sets the pace.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i think i want butter because my body is low on EFAs

People buy organic butter for the same reason they drink organic milk.

Nowadays I stop slathering my bread with butter for the reason I could not find the right reason or taste to do it. You think by being in the organic line its easy for you to find one. So far, I have never had the chance to do so. The organic butter was order 18 months, and I never saw the it.

I am sure with price of organic butter you would not probably use it for cooking, it actually healthier than normal vegetable oil thus you know all the renowned chefs are doing it correctly when they use only butter and sea salt.

If you are not convince its healthy for us to 'butter up", try this recipe,

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Some dried italian herbs

Some seasalt

Use more coconut oil than olive oil for your container and they will freeze beautifully.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Durian season

Durian season kinda ending nowadays. Mom has been going ga ga over durian for the past one month, travelling through and fro to Batang Kali, to pick up durians from my grandfather or granduncles' orhards.

Her little escapade each time filled the shop with durians and the never ending smells actually frowned by some customers.

One particular gwei lo was complaning (he was complaining in a nice way) and when I took out my airfilter he was like "Put it on full blast!" pointing to the portable machine.

Another memorable one was this Singaporean guy who came with his wife and daughter practically interrogated my sister Vivenne to have all wild /natural durians, " I 'll take as much as you can bring me!", with my mum nodding and agreeing over the phone. The next wee morning, mum was out and back by noon came back with sackful of durians with my 4th gand uncle. Our guests had their lunch there and then and pack the rest in one big box. Mind you...he came on a taxi.

Of course with wild durians, you can never guess what will greet your taste bud, some bitter, some sweet and some "dunno what taste but nice" by some customers.

One general comment was after consuming these durians, you would not feel heaty and after one month I don't see my mum, my aunt and whoever was consuming these durian this whole month lost their voice.

Can't wait for next year, probably will gather all my durian lovers friend to the orchard and just have it there. One was gushing that she can't wait to go after one bite~!

Yes Jiaying, we will go there, have our durians bath in cool bukit water or hot spring in ulu tamu and might as well get some Ulu Yam loh mee (they do have vegetarian version)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Buckwheat Rice

Another healthy option: buckwheat, barley and rice

I have customers and friends gushing how effective this recipe is in combating sugar level, cholesterol levels and uric acids by just using Mongolian buckwheat. My friend actually taught me this recipe but I was this recipe as well in one particular book. According to this book, this is also great for combating aging.

Mongolian Buckwheat Tea Rice 苦荞茶饭(抗老化的最佳伙伴)

Ingredient (for 4 person) 材料(4 人份)

white rice/白米。。。。量迷杯cup 360oz

mongolian buckwheat/苦荞麦。。。。。。。。2大匙tablespoons

(Add after washing the white rice)

water/水。。。。。。。。。。430 oz

Prepare rice as usual, adding buckwheat before there you start cooking.

I always subsitute the white rice with brown rice, some even see their sugar level drop/cholesterol level drop by eating brown rice with buckwheat and drinking the buckwheat as tea.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yishensu Restaurant

Nice interior

Xiang Choon Rice

Claypot Mushroom Rice

Salted "fish" with mung bean and pea sprouts

Signature dish- Emperor Tofu

On my Birthday, my best girl pal treated me to a nice vegetarian restaurant in One Utama. We were greeted by its clean and warm interior as we entered, as it was passed lunch time (after 3pm), we were the only guests. Staffs were warm and polite and mentally I was making notes to bring bf to the restaurant one day.
We went after a streneous rock climbing workshop thus we ended order 1 fried rice, 1 claypot rice, 1 tofu dish and 1 vegetables. Each dish was fine except for the claypot rice which I felt was too bland, lacking in sesame oil, and dark soy sauce.
They will be opening soon in Old Klang Road 3rd mile square where currently a popular Old Town cafe is operating. However, being situated at a premium shopping mall in town cost us more than RM 60 for our little lunch.