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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Star with the diapers?

One of my soul sisters just gave birth to a healthy baby boy this afternoon, another good friend will give birth to hers this summer. What do you give as gifts to them? Yes, cute baby outfits are irresistible (i'm in love with those from mothercare), and baby hampers sure its the safest and most cliche gift of them all.

Well, to do my bit to the earth, I am planning to get my friend a set of biodegradable and chemical free detergent, softener, multipurpose cleaner, and dish washing liquid. If I have more budget I would definitely get her eco babies diapers as well. For my part to the environment as well, I will usually encourage friends who are planning to children or pregnant the importance of good nutrition and the "greatness" we will achieve by going cloth diaper and Eco friendly diapers. Most of our diapers from birth are still around, as they live around 500 years, so do your maths. My mum has 6 children and if each of us used 50 pieces, there will be at least 300 disposable diapers out there and that is just 6 children with 50 diapers each.

Sites like Tiny Tapir ,Baby Loft and Green Bebe Worldwide have great natural products selections that you can choose from, remember your next generation's world is on your choices.

Oh, congrats Jak Ling and Frank on your new family member!!
Not bad looking for something "green".

Yuan's studio here I come

Guess what!? I am going to Taipei this coming February!!!!! To vist Yuan soap's studio and workshop. My dream of me standing over a cliff watching the sea is about to come true. I could smell the herbs permeating my senses.
The other thing I am overjoyed is I am going to meet my sis!!! Almost a year of not meeting her, this is the ultimate Chinese New Year trip!! (I'm sorry I keep using the exclaimation marks!!)