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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One week juice fasting- preparation day

Just came back from Langkawi, my tummy felt as if I have poured acid on it.

As planned(before I left, I knew!!), I started my juice fasting today. Today is the preparation day which I have to start drinking my 150ml of digestive juice which made up of chokeberrires (whatever it that..), herbal tea, prune juice etc three times a day. I can still eat today, light meal each time and for dinner I can have a bowl of salad and two small boiled potatoes.

My fast is rather easy with schedules , 1 2bottles of organic juices and herbal tea given in a box and all I have to do is drink up and follow whatever the schedule says. Perfect for me who hate doing all the juicing and cleaning up.

Still tired from my trip yesterday, I am not sure whether its low food consumption or the travelling that made my head feels dizzy.

At the same time, as fate put us together, my BFF Lisa also started her version of fruit fasting today (without me knowing...).

So good luck Lisa, and good luck to me,...we will be just in time to hit Rakuzen next Wednesday!!!