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Thursday, July 24, 2008

i dream of yong tao foo

Yong tao foos made by the Culinary team from Holistic Health care group for their health camp recently. Instead of the usual flour, they mashed up assorted vegetables with oats and stuffed it into organic brinjals, sliced organic bittergourds, tofupoks and organic white tofu.

The camp ran from 4th to 6th June and I still can taste some of the food in my mouth. Unless I start to learn to make them, I can only dream about the food taunting me with their delicious images.

Oh, I was asked to help facilitate the kitchen for the year end camp = unlimited access to organic, vegetarian and health food= great group of hardworking and fun people)

Local premium yoghurt

Just got this from Ms Lean of Lean Food Enterprise. As some of you probably know I am a yogurt lover, so when Ms Lean came with 3 varieties of fruit yogurts excluding 1 natural flavour.
I am half sold with the atrractive packaging and with the fact the yogurts came with fruits paste topping.
Mum and I felt in love with the blueberry flavour and with its reasonably priced at RM6.50, it might just be a favourite among the health conscious crowd.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

time stands still

When I stop and ponder.....

everything would be alright. i love you, because everything happens so fast, because the world spins without care, i want to tell you i love you because the time would not stop for me.


My new baby - Yuan soap!
Finally its here!

Organic and natural food bentos.

We have been receiving orders to cater for weddings, organic farm trip, and health food company training.
Even though we might be in our infancy to do large events but we have done up to 500 bentos at one time.
Maybe you can consider us yeah...

spending times

I know. The first that you might want to reach and make cut in your wallet in your maybe your usual indulgences. And in most of the people cases, organic food is considered a luxury to have nowadays. Business in the short has been slower than usual, I do not say business was robust in the shop but we were reaching a point where we can enjoy more flexibiltity in the bank. The rise of of global crude oil made a dent in almost every economy in the world and in every businesses I know of.

The first rule I learn from my secondary economy teacher Pn Mahani, is to spend during when the economy is low and save during when the economy is bullish. To be honest, I have tried to engage the act of spending, but being the eldest of six siblings, I do not think I have extra to spend. My only acquisitions nowadays are insurance as I finally realised my existence spells more importance after I took over the organic shop.

But being in the industry, I must say good health is vital to ensure I have more of myself to earn more. Like my mum always says, don't wait till your "money making machine" breaks down. Keep it well lubricated with good supplements and quality food so taht we can go further.

Weight your finance according to importance. We been through 97' and 98' and I'm sure we can wade this through too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Digi D'house

I was quite impressed with the effort some company do when it comes to the environment. Not just the tree planting ceremony, that is more a symbolic gesture which actually requires the company or that someone to commit into an eco friendly lifestyle.

For the past 2 weeks, while I was in a Digi setting up booth promoting climate change awareness, I was actually quite shocked at how much they know. But its is a bold step for a company to organise all sort of activities to encourage the staff to go eco.

I managed to find out that currently, they are encouraging their staff to car pool and for that they get to park their car nearer to the office in a covered car park complex. While the rest will only receive carpark that requires them to walk further and submit their car under the hot hot sun.

I drove there, and it wasn't nice carriyng stuff and walking under the hot merciless heat.

Other plans include waste management, replacing all their lightbulbs and air conditioning units to conserve more energy and create less impact to Mother Nature. Their building itself is designed in such way to utilise lights thus eliminating the need for more energy.

From what I also read from another weblog, Environman was also invited to the office a year ago, commented that the office is virtually paperless where employees do not have a fixed desk but allowed to work from anywhere and everywhere in the building. Papers are printed from a main printer.

I went to the bakery, no styrofoams of what sort are used, coffee are ala starbucks,no plastics were used but brown bags only, however sandwiches are still held by plastic.

I have to applaud the management for taking extra miles as I know by virtue of hiring an event company to organise so much activities to for the staff do not come cheap (its 3 weeks!), free lunches to entice their staff to watch documentaries such as The Inconvenient Truth and the 11th hour is not easy (some left after having their lunch), free car signages and various activities to get them into the act.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I have a group of friends who are non vegetarians but are happy enough to go vegetarian with me whenever I am around. Same thing goes even in a non vegetarian restaurant.
So I always have the ultimate task of choosing which restaurant to go. Tomorrow we are planning for a steamboat get together and after a round of deciding who bringing anything, the task seems to place itself contently on my lap. Its going to be organic as well especially I will be rackeying items from my shop.
So I have come out with a list that I might bring:-
1. Seaweed (wakame & the soup chinese type)
2. yee mee (non organic)
3. Brown rice meehoon
4. eggs (non organic)
5. assorted leafy vege
6. pumpkin cubes
7. mushroom (shiitakei, enoki, abalone)
8.tofu (frozen, taukua)
9.asam paste
10.konnyaku jellies (vege sotong)
11. dumplings- yummy!
12. Carrots
13. sweet potatoes slices (yellow & purple)
14. Some healthier choices of mock meat.
15. bottle of wine
I guess the plate will look quite colourful from my list.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

climate awareness- no its not just about the weather

(Yeah yeah, bad angle.., my booth)

(Skeptic guy checking farm produce up close)

Some multinational company goes all the way to promote climate awareness, including hiring an event manager to come up with activities connected to the issue inviting some organic shops and farms to set up their booths. Today is my second day at the corporation and so far reception to our booths have been so so so far. We started out with only 3 booths and today only two made it, me and one of my fresh veg supplier came.

To be honest, I kinda like have high expectation from this well renowned corporation, I see people wearing t shirts shouting climate change with some sort of environmental message and at the same time while I was driving in I see people wearing these "green" t shirt and buying food packed in Styrofoam and plastic bags (hmmm....).

The girl from the fresh vege farm thought I overreacted... yeah yeah I think I am more a tree hugger day by day now.....but then I reminded myself that, that's why we are all invited to this activity of educating these "well educated " people.

Anyway, after reminding myself of the "noble" intention I am still appalled by these people ignorance on what is the heck is climate awareness.

I was about to categorize the event manager with the people from the BIG corporation, until I spoke to the MD who told me that she uncovered so much information while researching on this subject. Well, at least it has managed to instill some changes in certain people. Hey, this are the stuffs that will encourage me to go further!

Sigh, however... the road to educate the public at large is still long.

A little efforts goes a long way, and the long journey must start with the first step. Wish me luck tomorrow....