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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Was in KLPAC today to catch the 11th hour a movie/documentary produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The movie speaks about global warming and the amount of ignorance human race has despite the enormous findings and evidences scientists uncovered.

I mean it does not take a genius (if the person is in Planet Earth) to figure out that weather changes are the most obvious signs lately.

However, in spite of all the grim outlook the film projected, instead of many privileged few that actually championed this cause, now millions and hundred thousands of people have joined this 11th hour mission.

Its no longer weird to bring along plastic bags or unbleached bags to pack your groceries however some still stare if you choose to unfold your pair of chopstick or bring your own containers when you eat outside.

In the shop, I try to be polite or discreet in my message whenever my customers pay and show no evidence of bringing their own shopping bags. I simply asked them whether they have brought their own. Now I want to bring in a range of unbleached cotton shopping bags to ensure that my customers have the option of purchasing one when they need it.

While many think that the option to go vegetarian, to go organic, to go eco friendly....we might be outcast or labeled as weird or too staunch with this idea. No one is comfortable in "change" thus its normal for your friends and acquaintances to feel uncomfortable at least in Malaysia still.

However, this is a grave issue and we are living on borrowed time, and sometimes ignorance isn't bliss especially if it happens at your backyard.