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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Tree with Yuan soap slices.

My happy happy guy's sister made us some nice Christmas dinner, thought it was a close family affair with only a few people, she took so much effort in cooking a great large dinner and I am sure she must have taken several trips to different supermarket and places just to get everything done. I really appreciate it when she incorporates food I can eat, and very nice and creative dishes too. As usual I will post vegetarian pictures here:

Potatoes in Trio Colours. I didn't know that there are purple potatoes but this dish is definitely my favourite as I love potato salads. Apparently, this recipe is also simple, just some salt, pepper and hard cream on the boiled potatoes. The rosemary twigs were decor, I guess it could be sprinkle on the potatoes for extra taste.

Saute Mushrooms.Lovely to go with some bread

Fresh salad with toasted cashew nuts and avocados. Alway like rocket salads that provide the tangy spice to ordinary salad. This simple salad also tasted great with avacados, and the balsamic and olive oil dressings.

Pesto Penettee.My happy guy's sis made the pesto from scratch, yummy with the saute mushroom. I had fun poking my forks over the pennes. heehee

Mushroom again, but of different species. In chinese you call it "chicken mushroom", my mum would braised these during Chinese New Year as a replacement for abalone for our loh sang. We also use this for our vegetarian bak kut teh.

Another great thought from Happy Guy's sis, light dessert instead of the usual cake. The light custard with mint leaves simply accentuate the berries' taste. The strawberries are not sour either. Definitely glad its a pastry puff, if this is Pavlova probably I would be struggling to finish this. But I ate two slices of this.

Sangria.What is a party without some alcohol? We also had some Bailey's like drinks which my Happy Guy happily pretend its milo ais ping.

Another reason I alway happy to join Happy Guy's sis and bro in law for dinner at their place is the great coffee they make. A nice latte is always a great end to a dinner.

ps: pictures are courtesy of Happy Guy's sister which I nicked from her facebook!