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Friday, September 12, 2008

Just want to express how delicious my lunch was...

Look at the left side, don't let the plain boring cabbage look fool you, its crunchy and sweet. When I ate it with the pumpkin cubes below, imagine putting some nice soft mushy salty pumpkin with crunchy vegetables. Oh my, my mouth go watery again...

Organically grown produce does make a difference!

The thing that make everything go ooh ahh! And the rice today....absolutely lovely!

After a few weeks of stuffing myself with unhealthy food, I feel I have a subconscious mind that ensure that I go healthy for some time then I would gorge myself with ice creams, pies, cakes, lots of coffee etc. Then a mere comment of me gaining weight would put a stop to those routine.

Ok, my aunt's cooking today totally floored me. Her luicha vegetables are fantastic and paired with pumpkin cubes with black beans and then I sprinkled some mixed seaweedvegetables powder (for those who been to camp with me, remember I brought those bottles of powder which turned everything from ooohh to aaahhhh!) the result was heavenly, I was and still am spiritually satisfied, my body must be grateful I gave them something worthwhile to work on.

Not only I have to been good, I have obediently crunching my multivitamins and b complex (low blood count). Not that I feel better, less depressed and am reading up my unfinished Jane Austen's book from eon months.

Finally, taking more effort in brushing up my literary knowlegde..

My temporary pet

Look at the kitten who obviously knew I was snapping her picture. Blackie was a temporary guest at my house before her mummy took her away. She stayed in a makeshift house I created using a water pail and used one of my younger sister dirty socks as comfort blanket.

Thought I could keep her, but then again, mummy cat is more important.

Delicious homemade pizza

It was intended for Vivienne my 3rd sis. Fresh rolled wholemeal bread with generous amount of quality mozzarella cheese, pineapples and mock sausage meat, my aunt handed us a wonderful and mouth watering pizza rivaling any pizza house. (my weight gain contributor!)

Pasar malam traders?

People who knows us were obliged to buy a piece or two from us and we did not hesitate to call them if they were to miss us!!!

Who wears office wear to sell stuff at pasar malam? Looking gaudy as well, serious yogaing and pilates needed!

Poh at our initial stall which was at very busy road, we sold most of our cupcakes here before we were evacuated to a much quieter spot.

240 rice cupcakes arrived unannounced in my shop this morning. Not a big number, but I don't think the delicious yellow and purple sweet potatoes rice cupcakes are that sellable when the 15th day of Chinese calendar is still 2 days away, and when most of my customers do not know that we were selling these.

Lunch were great, we sold almost 90 of them, I sold some to a friend over my webcam, and I was still worried over the rest of them. Shall I feign ignorance and think these are only small losses? I could handle that. But why can't I do something I could have more control of?

I did what I would not do a year or 2 years ago. Sell at a pasar malam. Did it with Poh, my great friend! At the end, even though we were scolded(for using some traders' usual spots), and endured the setting sun heat, both of us enjoyed our little rendezvous.

Looking into the mirror

Today is is one of those days I feel I achieved something out of the box. Some 'great' things I will not hesitate and shared it with my friends.

Being a 'thick face' person, when found facing obstacles and challenges regarding your own business, I finally understand the importance of humbleness in personality and attitude. These qualities are often mentioned and praised but hardly practiced by many. By realizing it, I also found out my arrogance was actually a facade to hide my lack of business acumen and experiences. It could not command respect, probably many would have sympathies me or laughed at my ignorance. But I felt blessed, I was given many chances to redeem myself, to have mentors guiding me along the way, I only have to nod and tag along. By doing that, I am giving myself to learn and grow and for the past two years, it has not been a bed of any flowers, but then again, I am still sowing seeds

Monday, September 8, 2008

The importance of relaxation

Finally, after being miserable for almost 3 weeks, got cracks on two corners of my mouth (sign of body acidity/mineral deficiency), ears blocked, and on advice from my nutritionist, I finally went back to yoga this morning.

Right now, I feel lighter, more relaxed, happier and most importantly gained back my appetite.