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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chain of order

While the whole world is hyperventilating over China made products, I am actually quite sad with what is happening. The whole consumer markets brought this to themselves. In economics, we were taught, whenever there is demand, there should be a supply, and whenever demands exceed supply, the price soars.
My lecturer in advertising told me there is no such thing that comes with a low price, great quality and eye catching (in chinese we say its cheap, beautiful and nice!), its either 2 of the qualities or a single quality exist.
However with globalisation and with the Chinese market booming calling for luxuries which was once only the West and developing countries could enjoy, this market turned greedy. Each of one segment of the marketing sector pushing the prices lowers for greater profits while at the end chain, the farmers or other raw materials producers are the ones that suffered. So don't blame China alone for this milk crisis. Each of us has a role to play, we demand for quality products yet refused to pay a measurable price for it. In this milk case, the milk prodcuers only know that by mixing melamanine their milk will be accepted. Cows eating poor quality food to not churn out grade A full cream milk.
I am sure there are more products containing various chemicals which are time bombs waiting to unveil itself.
I am sad because I know there are many genuine Organic producers all around the world, Japan, Australia, Taiwan etc have invested in China for their astonishing fertile and unspoiled land. But as customers started to stay away from products made in China, it will dwindle their efforts in creating better quality organic producst for the rest of the world.
Probably we should be the ones who should learn to choose quality food and not only great tasting food. You know luncheon meat and instant noodles are not good for health, but may of us still take it and even prepare it for our children. Go figure!