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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yishensu Restaurant

Nice interior

Xiang Choon Rice

Claypot Mushroom Rice

Salted "fish" with mung bean and pea sprouts

Signature dish- Emperor Tofu

On my Birthday, my best girl pal treated me to a nice vegetarian restaurant in One Utama. We were greeted by its clean and warm interior as we entered, as it was passed lunch time (after 3pm), we were the only guests. Staffs were warm and polite and mentally I was making notes to bring bf to the restaurant one day.
We went after a streneous rock climbing workshop thus we ended order 1 fried rice, 1 claypot rice, 1 tofu dish and 1 vegetables. Each dish was fine except for the claypot rice which I felt was too bland, lacking in sesame oil, and dark soy sauce.
They will be opening soon in Old Klang Road 3rd mile square where currently a popular Old Town cafe is operating. However, being situated at a premium shopping mall in town cost us more than RM 60 for our little lunch.