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Monday, December 1, 2008

The organic shop that launched me into the health scene

Almost 7 years ago, when I was still in college I was already working part time in a popular organic retail shop in Kuala Lumpur. Business was so good, I had to spend most of my time packing vegetables that come in crates and not in pretty plastic bags like today you see in most stores, then I had to even weight and price tagged them. I still remember fresh vegetables arrived on Tuesday and Thursday. That was when the shop will be crowded by health aficionadoes choosing the best looking vegetables and other groceries.

Once of the job I dreaded in the shop was juicing, easy you may say, but all organic vegetables and juices cannot be cut beforehand like what you see in shopping malls, customers usually select their choices and we (me usually), would have to scrub, wash and slow juice it all in front of them! And there was this customer who will buy at least 3 kg of carrot once every week, and we have to juice and rejuiced the pulp in front of her. That was certainly a great arm and shoulder exercise! For those who are not in this line, I will attached a picture of the juicer where you will realise that to clean the machine, its no easy feat, imagine doing the same thing after each juicing.

This shop is also the place I picked up coffee enemas. I did my 7 days fasting here and did all my own juicing.

I relish my moments in that shop, even though that shop still exists but its heydays are over with more shop sprouting every where.