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Monday, June 2, 2008

of bags again....

Getting increasingly bothered with passing out plastic bags to customers. Apparently asking them to bring their own bags seems to fall on deaf ears. Hate giving out plastic containers as well, ran out of eco friendly food containers. Have to remind myself to call my supplier tomorrow.

I know many still need time or more reminders to get into the act...I myself embarrassingly also forgot a few times to bring my eco friendly bag and my personal chopsticks. I will get extremely grumpy for being so forgetful thus my faithful large tote will get bulky each time I go out with books, small items from the pharmacy, water container etc. Now I am planning to add a food container on the go after seeing one customer conveniently using hers. Its looks like disc but you can actually flexed it in and out to save space. Cool.

I am also having a hard time looking for someone to make eco friendly bags for me and the shop too. Hoping I write attractive messages on these bags to make it more fashion friendly thus encouraging people to use it.